7 Questions to Ask When Deciding to Outsource Your Blog or Write In-House

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Outsource your blog or write in-house

You’ve decided that blogging affects your business and you want to use this tool as a part of your marketing strategy. But before you start writing, you have a few more decisions ahead of you. The first question you’re likely to ask is who should write it? Should you outsource your blog or write in-house?
Your blog is an expression of your business, making the writer an important part of your business as well. The writer you choose will determine your blog’s efficacy, authenticity, voice and quality. When selecting a writer for your blog, consider all of the following factors.

Here are 7 Questions to Ask When Deciding to Outsource Your Blog or Write In-House:

1. How Much Time Do You Have?

Blogging success doesn’t happen overnight in any industry. It takes a sustained effort over a long period of time. If you don’t make blogging a priority, it’s likely to be abandoned after a few months, and your efforts will have gone to waste. If you want to keep your blog in-house, make sure your resident blogger has the time to maintain it. Outsourcing can be an advantage here, as your writing or marketing team will dedicate time and resources especially for this purpose.

2. Who Has Knowledge of the Industry?

Generally, a writer with more experience in the industry will write a more accurate and well-informed blog. However, the most experienced team members usually have the most demands on their time, and blogging is the first activity to get side-lined. It is important to find a balance between experience, knowledge, and time. Consider the complexity of your industry when deciding who should write your blog. If you outsource your blog, how easily could a writer learn about your industry? Could a team member provide topics or outlines?

3. Who is a Compelling and Accurate Writer?

Besides having time to write and possessing knowledge of the industry, the writer also must be able write content that is compelling and mechanically correct. A bevy of spelling and grammatical errors will quickly detract from the quality of the blog. A dry or long-winded writer will quickly drive away readers. Web writers and marketers are likely to bring more writing skill to the table; these experts not only know how to write correctly, but how to make content engaging.

4. Who Has Knowledge of Marketing Best Practices?

This is an essential, but often overlooked blogging skill. The blog writer should understand the purpose of the blog–to boost traffic, drive leads, or encourage conversions–and use SEO blogging best practices to achieve these goals. An in-house writer should at least have a basic understanding of blogging SEO and content marketing, and an outsourced blogger should have a portfolio demonstrating their understanding of content marketing.

5. What Is Your Blogging Budget?

A blog with no budget is unlikely to perform, even with an in-house writer. A staff member needs time to dedicate to the blog, and their salary or wage, the frequency of the blog, and the time they need to write it will all determine how much of the budget the blog will require. Depending on your budget, time, and goals, an in-house writer may be preferred, or it may be more economical to work with a contract blogger, a content agency, or a content marketing agency.

6. How Often Will You Blog?

How often you blog will also make an impact on your decision to outsource your blog or write in-house. If you want to post a blog every week, a blogging calendar will help you organize content in-house. If you want to drive more traffic and it makes more sense to post two or three times a week, it may be difficult to organize content in-house. In this case, a marketing agency or blogger who dedicates time solely for this purpose can help you post consistently.

7. What Are Your Blogging Goals?

Your blog should have a clear goal, and this can help you select an author. If your main goal is increasing organic traffic and SEO is a primary concern, a marketer or SEO specialist might be the best choice. If your main goal is answering customer questions and positioning yourself as an industry authority, the best writer might be an experienced team member. If your goal is to use your blog as a lead-converting tool coupled with your other content offers, your marketing team, whether they are in-house or outsourced, will probably provide the best results.

If you’re still not sure, there’s good news; you don’t have to choose just one blog writer or even one method. You can outsource your blog in some ways and also write in-house. An experienced staff member could save time by providing topics or outlines to guide an outsourced team. An outsourced team might create a draft which an in-house expert reviews and edits for clarity and accuracy. A staff member might draft a blog which a marketing team or SEO expert optimizes. You might ask outsourced writers to create some blogs, but ask employees to create others. Whatever option you choose, it is essential to post regularly, craft content that fits your blog goals, and monitor applicable metrics.

Do you write your blogs yourself, or work with an agency? What would you recommend? Tell us in the comments!

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