What does taking your digital marketing to the next level actually look like?

Driving Traffic & Building Your Brand

As with most things, digital marketing requires a strong foundation to achieve success. The foundation of an expectations-shattering digital marketing strategy starts with driving quality, qualified visitors who want and need what you offer to your website .

Generating Quality Website Leads

All the traffic in the world doesn’t mean much without a strategy in place to turn those anonymous visitors into identifiable human beings that you can market and sell to. Our Michigan-base digital marketing team will develop conversion points and lead magnets to fill your funnel from the top down.

Nurturing Prospects & Customers

Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost. Not every lead that comes in is ready to buy at that moment. Next-generation digital marketing means identifying sales-ready leads and automated nurturing of the rest.

Proven Digital Marketing Solutions

Successful digital marketing isn’t about ranking number 1 for that single keyword or sending out a beautiful email. The right internet marketing company understands that success happens when all the pieces work together to achieve a cohesive brand experience across all platforms and devices. Our team is based in Lansing, Michigan, but our proven digital marketing solutions have delivered growth for clients nationwide.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing means bringing in people who fit the mold of your ideal customer. Rather than traditional outbound marketing, which requires sales teams to mass market, buy email lists, or go out and find people who may or may not be interested in what you are selling, inbound marketing caters to how consumers behave in the digital age.

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Executive’s Guide to Inbound Marketing

All of the tools you’ll need to run successful inbound marketing campaigns.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls in your target audience and funnels them through your buying process. By aligning your content with the interests of your ideal customers, we can attract qualified traffic to convert into leads, customers, and promoters for your business.

Content Marketing Services
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Digital Advertising

Digital platforms for paid media offer infinitely more targeting, tracking, and reporting than the advertising days of old. Our Michigan-based digital marketing team can help you kickstart a campaign by bringing in new and qualified visitors, retarget leads who have been to your website but didn’t take a desired action, or reinforce your brand to existing customers. We’ll incorporate digital advertising as a piece of your custom-integrated campaign puzzle and use the latest tools to close the loop on leads, sales, and ROI.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) as we once knew it is no more. Today’s search engines care less about a keyword on the page and almost entirely about the quality of your content and the user- and mobile-friendliness of a page. Our Michigan-based digital marketers use the latest tools and technologies to uncover what your audience is searching and develop valuable content that will help you show up when those phrases are searched. Our internet marketing strategies also include constantly monitoring search engine algorithm changes to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your search positions and organic traffic.

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Marketing Automation Services

Email & Marketing Automation

When utilized effectively, your contact list can be your most powerful marketing tool. These are people who have willingly invited you to market to them. They care about what you have to say and what problems you can solve for them. It’s up to you to put the pieces together and provide the right content at the right time to get your contacts to take the action you want. Our digital marketing team specializes in crafting targeted content based on buyer personas to strategically move individual contacts from one stage of the buying process to the next. We also use insights from search history, website activity, and email engagement to score and qualify leads before handing them over to sales.

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“In addition to the visual upgrades, Web Ascender has enhanced our website into a strong lead-generating tool. Before hiring them, we would receive 2 or 3 leads per week. Now those numbers have improved to 30-40. Thank you Web Ascender!”

– James B., Electro-Matic

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) means increasing the percent of website visitors that turn into leads. When it comes to increasing website leads, it is far more cost effective to convert the visitors you have at a higher rate than to convert more visitors at the same rate. Our internet marketing team members are experts at creating highly effective conversion paths and landing pages, but we recognize that not everything works for every business or industry. We look at each campaign with a scientific eye for testing, learning, improving, and repeating to ensure you get the most value possible from your digital assets.

Conversion Rate Optimization
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management

We frequently speak with business owners and marketing directors who see potential with social media but fail to get value from their current efforts. This is because it’s difficult to see ROI from social media if you don’t have your own digital assets, such as blog posts, webinars, ebooks, or resources on your website that your audience wants to go to from a social network. Our team approaches social media management by working with you to create content on your website and using social media as an outlet to promote that content. Social media on its own isn’t a digital marketing strategy, but a piece of the puzzle to drive the right traffic and prove value to prospects.

We create digital experiences that help qualified leads find, engage with, and buy from you.

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