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Web Ascender works with organizations that are looking for a well-rounded online marketing strategy.  The core of this strategy is a beautiful website that successfully educates, engages, and turns your website visitors into business leads.  We work with some companies that just want to get their message out there, but most of the time our clients want results.  We are typically on a mission to build a site that can work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to find you new prospects and help you grow your business.

With every website design project we do the following:

Determine what pages your website needs and what content should exist on each page
Optionally interview your organization and author website content for you
Outline what unique features you’ll need (blog, contact forms, e-commerce, forums, etc.)
Do keyword research and implement an initial SEO strategy
Provide you with an awesome and creative website design
Wordpress Logo
Integrate that website design into a leading content management system (CMS) like WordPress
Train you on how to use the CMS to edit your own site content to manage the day-to-day
Setup analytics to give you insight into what your website visitors are doing
Test your site for functionality and a great experience on desktop and mobile devices
Help you move the website to our hosting provider or your own
Make sure you are happy and have a great experience through the website design process

This 80-page guide of topics and tips to navigate your way to a better website will be a huge asset to you and your business.  It’s been read by thousands and loved by all. Increase your web design acumen today.

Download the guide
Website Design Process

We Have a Process to Guarantee Your Success

When we start a new website project, we are often using our Launch + Growth™ approach. This ensures that you get a great website and also provides time for us to help you after your site launches to continue to grow and succeed.

Check out our Launch + Growth™ process

The Benefit Of Using The Experts

We have team members that have been building websites ever since there was an internet to publish them. Our unique approach and constant improvement of the way we deliver services will result in a superior product that achieves your goals faster.

Your website will be crafted by experts in digital marketing, information architecture, copywriting, user experience, graphic design, content management systems, and development.  Experienced account managers will make sure your project is a success. Plus, all of our services are delivered from our headquarters just outside of Lansing, Michigan. We will never outsource or offshore your project.

Getting a Website with Everything You Need

At Web Ascender, we work with organizations of all sizes to take their websites to the next level. The majority of our websites are delivered using the popular WordPress content management system. However, we also have years of experience in many other CMS platforms, including DNN.

After we deliver your new website, you will be able to handle all of the day-to-day activities. Whether that is the simple task of responding to your leads as they come in, posting news, creating new pages, or managing your e-commerce store or membership forum, you’ll have the tools and training to succeed.

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Amazing Websites, Amazing Results…

Full Service Digital Marketing Solutions

We design comprehensive digital marketing strategies that leverage inbound marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, marketing automation, and more to turn your website into the ultimate sales machine.

Learn More About Digital Marketing

This 80-page guide of topics and tips to navigate your way to a better website will be a huge asset to you and your business.  It’s been read by thousands and loved by all. Increase your web design acumen today.

Download the guide

Want to use a specific content management system?

Web Ascender always delivers projects that our customers can easily maintain and manage day to day. This includes implementing an easy-to-use web-based content management system.  The two content management systems we use most often are WordPress and DNN.

WordPress Development

Over the last few years WordPress has emerged as an industry leader for running effective marketing websites.  Learn a little more about our WordPress development or take a look at some WordPress projects.

DNN icon

DNN Development

Web Ascender has been an international leader in DNN (DotNetNuke) website design and development for years.  Our company has probably done more DNN websites than any other consultancy.  Interested in DNN development?

Interested in hearing more about how we can help?

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