We’ve been delivering easy-to-use content management driven websites to municipalities since 2008. Our expertise, track record, and results-driven approach make it easy for municipalities to choose us for their next web project.

Municipal Website Design Overview

We work with communities that want a unique website that fits who they are and how they want to communicate. Over the years our web design team has become experts at working with local governments to implement websites for their municipalities, cities, counties, and villages.

Unlike the competition, we don’t lock you into high monthly or annual fees. With the other guys, if for some reason you don’t want to work with them anymore or don’t want to pay their high annual fees, you lose your site and have to build a new one.  We don’t think that’s right. Whatever we create for you, you own it.  This is a big difference from many of the other companies offering municipal website services.

The municipalities we work with often require similar features for their websites.

Some common municipal website features include:

  • Web-based content management system
  • Online forms and contact information
  • Minutes and agendas
  • Calendars and event registration
  • Department pages and contact information
  • Board and committee pages
  • Legal notices and ordinances
  • Community information
  • Online payment collection
  • Park / pavilion rental management
  • Integration with other systems for parking tickets, property assessments, and more

Our municipal website projects follow our tried-and-true Launch + Growth™ process.

During this process we’ll help you by:

  • Creating an overall strategy for your new website
  • Setting up a content management system that fits your needs
  • Designing a custom look and feel for your village, city, or county website
  • Creating pages and adding content, blog posts, calendar entries, and more
  • Training your team on how to administer the website, manage content, etc
Website Design Process

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Municipal Website Features & Benefits

Web Ascender has worked hard to provide a core website offering to solve the common issues we see with municipal websites. The municipal website features and benefits we offer include:

  • Making your website beautiful and showcasing your area as a positive place to live and work
  • Setup web-based systems so your staff can easily add pages, content, images, events, and more from anywhere with a few clicks
  • Focus on making your site user friendly and simple for anyone with basic computer experience
  • Free up time for you and your staff to work on other important tasks, rather than struggling with website updates
  • A website that can easily grow with you
  • Continuous delivery of new municipal website features and components that benefit municipalities and their residents
  • Mobile friendly access to your website
  • A turnkey and cost effective solution tailored to your municipality
  • Proper training for you and your staff to ensure you can make the best use of the web tools
  • Access to numerous training videos to help you now and in the future
  • Access to a dedicated team of web designers and developers to assist you

 Content Management System

Our offering consists of modules built on WordPress, the popular open-source content management system.  Leveraging the power of WordPress allows us to give our clients the ability to easily add new pages, edit content, and have access to components we created specifically for municipalities.

No more having to know HTML, uploading files over FTP, dealing with tedious image management, or having to worry about keeping all the pages on your site looking the same.  It’s taken care of by the platform, automatically.  

 Custom Online Forms

What if you could create a new page on your site and add a form to collect information from residents in a matter of minutes?  Now you’ll be able to do just that.  Simply use the custom form plugin to outline what type of information you want to collect, such as: name, email, address, file attachments, etc. The information will be saved on your website and can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet at any time. You can also receive email notifications as soon as a form is submitted.

By moving the entire process online, much of your data collection needs can be automated.

Calendars and Event Registration

Adding events to an online calendar couldn’t be easier. When adding an event you can also add it to one or more categories, which can then automatically show the event on your homepage, specific committee / board pages, or other relevant areas of your site. You can also add documents, images, and other useful information to events.

Department Pages and Contact Information

Create robust department pages with information, contact details, documents, events, and more. These pages can easily be added and edited by your staff to keep them up to date over time. You can even give department heads the ability to edit only certain areas of their department page. This gives them the ability to add and manage content without having to ask you to put it on the site each time!

Board and Committee Pages

Board and committee pages are easy to add and update. These pages can also have relevant events, news, documents, and more.  If you want you can create accounts specifically for board members to login and access specific content or allow them to manage their own content on their page.

Minutes and Agendas

Upload and organize minutes and agendas for your different departments, boards, and committees.  Our online system allows you to add documents into specific categories which site visitors can easily search through. These meetings and agendas can also automatically show up in other areas of your municipality’s website so you only have to add them once!

Legal Notices and Ordinances

Our ordinance system allows you to easily to add and categorize your ordinances. This will allow visitors to easily browse, search, and filter ordinances based on what they are looking for.

Community Information

Easily add new content whenever you want to showcase important aspects of your community. Add local events, photos, and more to build a vibrant and appealing website.

Online Payment Collection

Want to collect payment online? No problem! Use our eCommerce components to add products to your website or build forms that people can fill out to submit information to you and then pay instantly!

Park and Pavilion Rentals

Do you have areas of your parks that can be reserved? Using our calendar / reservation system you can set up pavilion / park reservation and process the payment online, or have payment delivered via mail or phone.

Amazing Search

Use the built in WordPress search to allow visitors to find content on your website or leverage the power of Google search. Google’s search will allow all of your site content to be indexed in detail, including PDFs, Powerpoint, Word documents, and more.

Integration with other systems

Our website systems can easily link over to other municipality offerings like BS&A online assessing, bill payments,parking tickets, property assessments, and more.

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