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The Web Ascender team has delivered countless web applications over the years and plenty of mobile applications to accompany those products.  When a business is looking to start a mobile strategy there is a lot to consider.  You have to determine if a mobile app is even the best fit for your needs and then implement a strategy to target the audience and devices that will maximize your results.

iOS Development

Building applications for iPhone, iPad, and Apple devices.

iOS is our favorite mobile platform, primarily because 90% of our office uses an iPhone or iPad on a day-to-day basis and we love the entire Apple ecosystem.  We’ve created a range of mobile applications, from empowering distributed sales teams with iPads that sync content, to applications that help children with special needs on a day-to-day basis.

Android Development

Creating applications for Google’s phone and tablet platform.

Most of the applications we create are eventually released for both iOS and Android devices.  Depending on what the long term goals are for a business we might work on both platforms simultaneously, or focus on one platform first and then move to the other if and when it makes sense.

Responsive Web Apps

Creating great web experiences on all device sizes

We’re advocates for creating experiences on as many devices as possible; including phones, tablets, and desktop computers.  Many of our applications are designed to work on a variety of devices with a custom web application first, and then complemented by a native iOS or Android app when needed.

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