6 Reasons Your Brand Should Adopt a Facebook Advertising Strategy

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6 Reasons Your Business Should Adopt A Facebook Advertising Strategy

According to the New York Times, Facebook takes about 50 minutes out of the average users day. Because of this, Facebook advertising has become a highly effective component of many business’s marketing strategies. With intelligent targeting and remarketing options, you can be sure to influence your potential leads and customers where they are — on social media. Creating a Facebook advertising strategy could be a great next step in enhancing your brands digital advertising strategy.

Here are 6 Reasons to Adopt a Facebook Advertising Strategy

1. Large Potential Reach

There are over two billion users on Facebook, making it the most readily used social media platform. This means that Facebook has access to users across many demographics, and data on how those users interact on the platform. With such a large reach, Facebook has become an essential part of an effective digital advertising strategy.

2. Highly Intelligent Targeting Options

Another reason to adopt a Facebook advertising strategy is it’s targeting options. Facebook’s targeting options are highly intelligent. Data aggregated from Facebook users allows you to set up extremely specific ad targeting. From demographics, like age, gender and language, to location based targeting you can filter out who you’re targeting on a broad level. Then, Facebook allows you to take your targeting further with interest and behavioral targeting to reach users you know will be interested in your offer.

For example, let’s say you’re selling a fitness product. When setting up your Facebook ad targeting, you can identify users who are interested in health related topics and pages, as well as common behaviors, like health and wellness related purchases. This targeting allows you to narrow down your reach and find users who are highly likely to take a next step.

3. Interactive Ad Designs

Depending on what your Facebook advertising strategy, Facebook offers a variety of ad options to best convey your offer. From boosted posts, to video ads, you can influence users to visit your website. These formats are ideal for getting new leads, but aren’t necessarily in place to close a sale. If you’re an e-commerce company, however, there are ad formats that work directly with selling your products. One format offered is the carousel option that allows you to post up to 10 photos and links that users can scroll through. This gives you the opportunity to lead Facebook users directly to a product for purchase.

Facebook advertising strategy ad design options

Source: Facebook Ads Manager

4. Clear Call-to-Action Options

Facebook has a defined set of call-to-actions to choose from to better lead potential customers through your ads. These call to actions clearly define a next step allowing potential leads to make quick decisions. Having a clear call-to-action is an imperative part of an effective Facebook advertising strategy because it moves users through to the right next step once they’ve been influenced by your ad. Because these call-to-actions are consistent across all ads, this also creates an environment where Facebook users are more accustomed to ads and what to expect.

Facebook advertising strategy call to actions

Source: Facebook Ads Manager

5. Remarketing Capabilities

Another reason to adopt a Facebook advertising strategy is for it’s remarketing capabilities. Especially when shopping on mobile, Facebook users will typically bounce around from app to app. Setting up remarketing targeting can allow you to re-market to leads who have already viewed your website, or a specific page on your website, directly through their Facebook feed. With the vast number of distractions that can interfere with online purchases and interactions, advertising the same product, service, or brand on Facebook can keep your business top of mind for potential leads.

6. Budget-Friendly

A final reason to adopt a Facebook advertising strategy is it’s budget friendliness. Depending on your targeting, you can reach a large number of users for a low daily budget of $5-$10. This will obviously vary based on your company size and how broad your targeting is set. However, when looking at an average Facebook advertising strategy that’s set up strategically, you’ll typically see a lower cost per click than other platforms.

Overall, setting up a Facebook advertising strategy is becoming a more integral part of an effective digital marketing strategy. With it’s targeting and ad design options, businesses can create a highly effective digital advertising strategy that’s sure to bring in quality leads.

Have you run a successful Facebook advertising campaign? What was your favorite feature? Let us know in the comments!

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