6 Marketing Content Styles to Build your Company’s Marketing Library

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Finding marketing topics that influence your target audience is your first step to increasing leads. Switching up the format of the marketing content you create will help you continue to engage with potential customers. Creating valuable and evergreen content in different formats will allow you to build a robust marketing library for your company. Here are the benefits of creating these 6 types of marketing content, and what each style is best used for.


A webinar is a great option for creating marketing content that requires conveying in-depth topics and explanations. This type of content should be evergreen so that it can be viewed time and time again and still be relevant. The main goal of a webinar is to teach your target audience so that they are better informed about a topic that leads them to inquiring about your product or service.


An ebook is a downloadable book about a specific topic. This could be a topic that is touched on in your blog, but ties together multiple pieces of content into one overall picture. An ebook can be created using anything from Google Slides to Photoshop and should be distributed in a format that can be downloaded as a PDF or even printed.

marketing content stylesChecklist

Writing a checklist is quick and simple and is a great option for leading your audience through thought-out steps in order to reach an overall goal. This goal could be anything that eventually leads your potential customers to finding out more about your products or services. Checklists are good options when time is limited and your audience is more likely to skim through the highlights, rather than reading an entire ebook.


A guide is another form of thorough content that dives deep into a specific topic. They are formatted similarly to a checklist, but go into much more detail on each individual topic. A guide should also be able to be easily downloaded by your audience to look back on at a later time and share with peers.


An infographic is a visual piece of content. It uses graphics and impactful pieces of information, like statistics, to share information. This type of marketing content is easily digestible and engages the members of your audience that are visual learners. In fact, a study showed Infographics are liked and shared on social media 3X more than other any other type of content.

Case Studies

Compelling case studies are a great way to share social proof through your brand. Potential customers want to see current customer content that they can relate to and trust. Using your customer testimonials and feedback, along with elaborating on them in a case study format is a great form of marketing content to add to your website. This content should include statistics and data as well as quotes from the customer and other relationship-focused content.

Using a variety of these styles of marketing content will help you create a more impactful and interactive marketing library. When selecting which style of content you want to use, take into consideration your audience, the type of material you want to share, and what information will resonate with the most people.

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