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improve user experience on a budget

How to Improve User Experience on a Budget

By | Development |

A good user experience (UX) can build your brand reputation, make your customers happy, and improve your bottom line. According to a report by Forrester, each dollar spent on user experience yields $100 in return. Customers are more likely to return to websites and products that have a good user experience, and to spread the word about those that aren’t….

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using design thinking to create human centered websites

Using Design Thinking to Create Human-Centered Websites

By | Design |

With ever-increasing importance being placed on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a lot of time is spent designing websites around search algorithms. Though SEO is important, its importance should not eclipse that of the user experience. Quality SEO and an intuitive user experience work together to bring users in and keep them engaged. While you may get many website visits via…

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Free Web Icon Resources

Top 5 Resources for Free Website Icons

By | Design |

Incorporating icons into your website design is a great way to add some personality and enhance understanding for your users. However, unless you are an artist or graphic designer, creating your own website icons probably isn’t an option. Luckily, there are tons of free website icon resources available online. Before we share some of our favorites with you, let’s first…

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Basics of typography

Basics of Typography for Web Designers

By | Design |

Just starting to learn about graphic design or typography? Working with a designer and want to sound really smart? Trying to polish your website design? Then this blog post is for you! I’ll outline the basics of typography for web designers that you can use to build a cohesive brand identity in web. Serif and Sans-serif Fonts Let’s start off…

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Designing banner ads

Beginner’s Guide to Designing Banner Ads (With Examples!)

By | Design, Marketing |

Designing banner ads isn’t easy. You have a limited amount of space, and people are likely to only glance at the ad for a few seconds at most. There are even some misconceptions whether they are even effective for modern marketing. With these constraints in mind, you need to grab their attention and compel them to take action. In this post, we’ll be giving you tips to get you started with designing banner ads and show some examples to illustrate our points.

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