What is Your Marketing Strategy Missing?

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what is your marketing strategy missing?

An organized marketing strategy is essential to bring in new customers, promote products, and stay competitive in your industry. However, putting together all of the elements of a great marketing strategy can be a challenge. If your marketing strategy hasn’t performed as well as you’d like or expected, you might be wondering what your marketing strategy is missing. Let’s take a look at a few common problems, and what these problems mean for your marketing strategy.

What is Your Marketing Strategy Missing?

As you assess your marketing strategy, you might notice a few issues that consistently come up. These issues can show what your marketing strategy is missing. You might notice one of these issues, or a few of them. Working through your strategy step-by-step, you can strengthen these weaknesses, and bolster your strategy.

Problem: Low Organic Traffic

Generating organic traffic has become more and more difficult as businesses have improved their organic traffic strategy and become more competitive. This means it’s harder and harder to get customers’ attention without ads. If your organic traffic is low and you’re finding it difficult to bring new customers to your website or shop, you might be wondering what your marketing strategy is missing.

Missing: SEO, Social Media Engagement

According to Hubspot’s 2023 Marketing Strategy and Trends report, website SEO and social media engagement are two of the biggest ways marketers are engaging with new customers. Both of these methods are critical ways to drive traffic. An organized SEO strategy helps your website content appear when a potential customer makes a search, while social media engagement helps potential customers discover new products or businesses while they scroll.

If your organic traffic is low, your marketing strategy may be missing SEO or social media engagement. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and consider how they might look for your products or services. This can help you decide whether you’ll get better results from focusing on social media or SEO or both to improve organic traffic.

Problem: Low Conversion Rates

If you’re generating plenty of traffic, but your web pages aren’t turning visitors into customers, there’s something missing in your marketing strategy. This can quickly eat into your ROI, and damage your marketing strategy overall.

Missing: CTAs, Lead Magnets, Buyer Personas

When you’re getting plenty of traffic, but few customers, there may be a few missing elements. First, your website may be filled with informative, helpful content, but it may be unclear how potential customers might take the next steps. In this case, your pages generating high traffic may be missing calls-to-action or CTAs directing them to relevant landing pages. Or, your strategy may be missing valuable and relevant lead magnets, which your customers would be willing to submit their contact information to obtain.

If you’ve placed CTAs and developed high-value lead magnets, there may be a disconnect between what you’re offering and what your customers are looking for. Consider taking another look at your buyer personas and taking surveys to see what your customers really need and want.

Problem: High Customer Turnover

Perhaps your marketing strategy has successfully engaged visitors and converted new customers, but your customers seldom make repeat purchases and customer churn is high. While your customer service or product quality may also be a point of focus for this issue, it’s important to also consider the role of your marketing strategy.

Missing: Reengagement Strategy

A great marketing strategy not only engages new customers, but also sustains the interest of existing customers. Consider what role your business might play in your customers’ lives, even if they aren’t currently in need of your product or service. If you’re consistently creating high-quality content, consider how you might share this content with your existing customers, such as through an email list. Or, consider how you might simply remind your customers that you’re there for them when they need you. You might send some promotional items, such as branded sticky notes, pens, or a calendar. Or, you send a link to a helpful digital asset, like a how-to guide, educational course, ebook, or something similar.

Problem: Unclear Marketing Results

Some aspects of your marketing strategy may be unclear. You might be unsure, for example, how much ROI you’re actually generating from your SEO or social media efforts. Or, you might be unsure if it’s worth it or not to invest in traffic-generating strategies. If your marketing results or goals are unclear, it can seriously impact your overall strategy.

Missing: Data-Gathering Tools

Data-gathering tools are essential to a successful digital marketing strategy. These tools should give you important insights about your ad spending and conversion rates, web traffic and page insights, customer activity and demographic information. It’s helpful to organize this information so you can compare different data sources side-by-side, and eliminate information silos. If aspects of your digital marketing strategy are opaque, consider how you might change your approach or integrate with new tools to get the information you need.

These are just a few of the common problems that arise with marketing strategies. There are many different things that can be missing from a marketing strategy, especially as tactics and tools change with ever-increasing speed. If you’ve run into a problem with your strategy that you’re not sure how to solve, or you’re struggling to meet the demands of a great marketing strategy while also managing your business, contact us. Our marketing experts can help you create and execute an airtight digital marketing strategy.

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