36 Creative Lead Magnets To Win New Customers in 2022

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Lead magnets can be highly effective tools to gain new leads and win new customers. Getting creative with your lead magnets can help you add even more leads this year. Let’s take a look at creative lead magnets to win new customers in 2022.

What is a Lead Magnet?

Lead magnets are free content pieces a prospective customer downloads in exchange for basic contact information. When the prospective customer fills out a form and downloads the content, they become a lead, usually through an automated CRM system.

Your lead magnet should be directly relevant to your main audience or a particular market segment. It should help them solve a problem, make a decision, or simplify a task. There are many types of lead magnets. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some classic lead magnets as well as creative new lead magnets that can win over customers in 2022. You’ll also see an example call-to-action (CTA) for each lead magnet, including real lead magnets we’ve made or hypothetical examples from B2C or B2B companies.

How to Find the Right Lead Magnet

Creating a valuable lead magnet takes time. So how do you know if you’re spending your time wisely and creating a lead magnet that customers will actually give their contact information for? Answering these questions can help.

  • Identify Your Goals: What are you trying to achieve? What are you (ultimately) trying to sell? Write this down, so you don’t lose sight of your objectives as you brainstorm lead magnets.
  • Find Your Audience: Who is most likely to be interested in your lead magnet? Will these potential leads have a high or low level of doubts or resistance? Where on the buyer’s journey are you reaching them? Answering these questions can help you determine how detailed your lead magnet should be, and the format that might be best.
  • Identify a Problem: What are you trying to help with? Your lead magnet should be helpful and valuable to your audience. It should solve a problem, answer a question, simplify a process, and it should be related to your products or services.
  • Choose Your Lead Magnet: With the information above, you can go through the lead magnet ideas below with more focus. Make a note of any that are relevant to your goals, audience, and problem you’re solving.

Now that you know what you’re looking for in your lead magnet, let’s take a look at some creative lead magnets that can win customers in 2022.

36 Creative Lead Magnets to Win Customers in 2022

1. Webinar

With many in-person events moving online during the COVID-19 pandemic, webinars have become increasingly popular in 2022. A webinar is a “web-based seminar.” You’ll record yourself discussing a topic, perhaps by yourself or with your first few interested people. You might use a slidedeck or another visual aid.

To get started on this creative lead magnet in 2022, consider a topic or question that challenges your audience. You’ll need some notes or a slideshow to organize your webinar and help you stay on topic. You’ll also need some reliable screen-recording software. Finally, it’s a good idea to practice your webinar and test your software once or twice before the real thing.

Example: Get the replay of our What’s the Deal with Inbound Marketing? Webinar and learn everything you need to know about inbound marketing.

2. Mini Webinar

A webinar, like an in-person seminar, is usually around an hour or two hours long. While this might be perfect for people who are already aware of and interested in your solutions, it’s probably too long for people who are not yet familiar with your products or services. A mini webinar is usually around a half-hour, and it discusses a challenge, question or problem in less detail. This will be better for top-of-the-funnel leads. You’ll still need some webinar notes, practice, recording software and some sort of visual teaching aid, like a slideshow.

Example: Join the Free Mini-Webinar to Learn the Basics of SEO in 20 Minutes with SEO Expert Sara

3. Demonstration Webinar

While a regular webinar works similarly to a seminar, where an expert offers instruction or information about a particular subject, a demonstration webinar shows how to do a particular task. In this way, a demonstration webinar is like a mix between a class and a seminar.

A demonstration webinar might include an instructional portion and a demonstration portion, or these things might take place simultaneously. As you create your demonstration webinar, encourage viewers to follow along with you, and give them time in your video to do so. As you go through the steps, you might demonstrate particularly challenging or detailed steps multiple times.

Example: Join the Free Demonstration Webinar to See How Big City Restaurant Makes the Best Wontons in Town!

4. Short Course

A short course is similar to the previously mentioned webinars, but it might involve different content types. You might include a slidedeck, ebook, infographic, or other resources. This can also be a great lead nurturing tool, as you can continue your short course over a series of emails. Or, you can turn this into an additional revenue stream if you can sell your short course.

Example: Organize Your Home with This 7-Day Email Short Course Taught by a Professional Home Organizer

5. Checklist

A checklist is a great lead magnet to help your potential customers get organized. If a particular process requires a set list of resources or there’s a strict process that must be completed, a checklist can simplify it.

Example: Use our Free Digital Marketing KPI Scorecard to Assess Your Digital Marketing Strategy

6. Map

This creative lead magnet in 2022 doesn’t necessarily refer to a geographic map, though it could. This might also be a mind map or a decision map. This tool can help leads organize their thoughts or work through a complicated process more intuitively. Since it creates a powerful image, this is an ideal lead magnet to use with your new social media strategy this year.

Example: Map Your Career Goals with Career Coach Kendra

7. How-To Guide

When learning how to complete a process, many people prefer video, but some prefer text. If you’ve found that your text-based posts tend to generate more leads, stick with text. Or, you might provide a how-to video and text-based guide. Including a short video on your landing page can help improve traffic and conversion rates.

Example: How to Find the Perfect Home: A Step-by-Step Guide Made by Real Estate Experts

8. Infographic

An infographic is a quick and impactful way to display important information. While statistics can be somewhat dry or difficult to understand at first glance, an infographic makes the data striking and shareable. You might offer part of your infographic to get your leads’ attention, and provide the rest of the infographic (or additional, similar infographics) as a lead magnet.

Example: Consumer Buying Segments by Age Group and Income: An Infographic for Decision-Makers

9. Toolset or Resource List

The right toolset can make most processes easier, but it can be hard to know what those are. A truly valuable toolset or resource list should include comparisons of different options, as well as information about why a particular tool is important. If you offer a tool or resource, this is a great place for a bit of self-promotion, but don’t forget; lead magnets are only valuable when they provide real, helpful information.

Example: Finding the Right Tools for Photography Work: A Complete Software and Hardware Comparison Guide

10. Free Trial

This is a classic lead magnet that has been used for decades. But, there are many ways to give this lead magnet a creative twist in 2022. While a classic free trial includes a small sample of a product, a modern free trial might include a free subscription for a short time or a free upgrade for software products.

Example: Upgrade your account for 90 days and get expert tools for free!

11. Consultation

A consultation is another classic lead magnet that’s recently undergone some creative rethinking. Many in-person consultations were put on hold, but some experts moved their meetings to an online platform. With an online calendar, you can even make your ideal times available and let leads schedule their own time slot.

Example: Schedule a consultation with a logistics expert to see how you can reduce your business’s shipping costs.

12. Coupon

The coupon may be the oldest lead magnet of all, but it’s also seen a modern rework with the rise of social media. Paper coupons are becoming a thing of the past, but electronic coupons on platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide the perfect segue to bring viewers or commenters to your online store.

Example: Shop now and get 50% off any item in our online store!

13. Giveaway

It’s hard to resist a good game of chance, especially when there’s nothing to lose. Whether you’re giving away some of your product samples, services, a cash prize, vacation, or something else, this is a great way to grab top-of-the-funnel leads.

Example: Tell our builders about your tiny house goals and enter to win a custom tiny home!

14. Template

A template gives your customers an outline for completing a particularly challenging task. This usually includes fillable fields that they can change, and results in a finished product that they can use.

Example: Make a copy of our Brand Style Guide Template to create a cohesive brand document for your whole team.

15. Web App

Even a relatively simple web app can make some hard tasks easier or more fun. This might be particularly useful for calculations, organization, or integrating information. Keep in mind that a web app requires some dedicated development work, so make sure you calculate the ROI of this beforehand.

Example: Use Nike’s running app to reach your fitness goals.

16. Calendar

Businesses have been using calendars for decades as a way to help customers remember their brand. You can put a modern twist on this classic concept by creating a digital calendar with fillable fields related to your industry. This lead magnet in 2022 will help you stay at the top of your customers’ minds all year.

Example: Make a copy of our Social Media Content calendar to organize your social content this year.

17. Planner

Effective planning and organization is linked to less stress, so attractive planners have become a popular organizational method. Customers like planners that are fun and appealing to look at, so put some creative pizzazz into yours to create a memorable lead magnet.

Example: Use Local College’s Planner to Plot Your Graduate Degree and Never Miss a Deadline.

18. Prompts

Prompts are designed to stimulate thought and conversation. The most well-known prompts may be writing prompts, which are designed to spur creative thinking for short stories. However, this concept can be applied to solve customer problems, too. Consider where your potential customers might become stumped in your industry, and provide some prompts to get their creativity flowing.

Example: 20 Question Prompts to Jumpstart Your New Marketing Brainstorming Session

19. Inspiration Collection

An inspiration collection is a set of examples that not only show customers how a process is done, but also inspire them to take the next step.

Example: 50 Out-of-The-World Gardens to Inspire Your Landscaping Design

20. Calculator

Nearly every industry requires some calculations. Whether you’re calculating interest, dimensions, screen resolution, volume, mass, expenses, or something else, a calculator can help. This is an especially popular tool because it’s useful and helps save time. If you’re the first to create a helpful and intuitive calculator in your industry (or even if you create one better than the competition), this will be a great lead magnet to win new customers in 2022.

Example: Use our calculator to see how much you’ll need to invest to retire comfortably.

21. Spreadsheet

While a calculator will give you an end result, sometimes you need to see all of the variables. A spreadsheet is a great tool for this, but they often take time to create. Save your customers time and create an attractive spreadsheet with the right fields and inputs. Put your brand colors and logo on the spreadsheet to help customers remember your brand every time they use it.

Example: Get your budget in line with our free marketing budget template

22. Ebook

Ebooks are great to teach your customers about a particular subject, and they can be great reference material. While a traditional paper book can be costly to produce and ship, ebooks have very little input costs.

Example: Download the Executive’s Guide to Launching an Inbound Marketing Strategy to see how inbound marketing works for business owners

23. Audiobook

Audiobooks are also rising in popularity. Taking the time to read through an entire ebook can be daunting for some customers, but an audiobook presents opportunities for multi-tasking.

Example: Listen to the Organizational Expert’s Audiobook to become an expert organizer

24. Slideshow or Slide deck

Slideshows and slide decks have become especially popular on LinkedIn. If you’ve already created a slideshow for a webinar, short course, or another lead magnet, you can make just a few edits and repurpose this content into an additional lead magnet.

Example: Food Manufacturing Trends You Need to Know in 2022: A Slidedeck for Managers

25. Newsletter

A valuable newsletter distills important happenings and tips into one email, and it’s a great way to establish connections with customers. If you’re already creating content elsewhere, you can repurpose it into a newsletter by using just a few automations and a bit of time.

Example: Sign up for our monthly newsletter to get the latest news, tips and tricks in digital marketing and web design

26. Library or Gated Content Area

If you’ve created numerous studies, white papers, ebooks, and similar resources, you may have an entire library of content already created. You can gate this area and turn it into a lead magnet by requiring basic information from your customers in exchange for access.

Example: Take a look at our collection of 10-year agronomic studies to see how our fertilizer programs hold up against the competition.

27. Quiz

Most people love a challenge. Many quizzes offer to test a potential customers’ knowledge of a particular subject and give them a grade afterwards. Other quizzes are introspective, showing a customer what “type” they are by asking particular questions. This might include a personality type, a type of shopper, an analytical or creative thinker, a type of leader, or something else.

Example: Take the NYTimes news quiz to see how well you remember the last year.

28. Decision Tree

We’re all faced with difficult decisions all the time, and making rational choices can be hard. A decision tree guides a user through a particular decision by asking the most important questions in a sequential manner.

Example: Is it time for a new mattress? Use Mattress Company’s decision tree to find out.

29. Original Data

If you’ve conducted a study, trial, or survey, you’ve collected original data that may be valuable in your industry. Offer this as a lead magnet and you’ll be able to show your results while also connected with potential customers.

Example: 200 Food Manufacturing Experts Tell Us About the Future of Food in a New Report

30. Wallpaper

For industries with strong visual elements, wallpapers can be great lead magnets to win new customers in 2022. This lead magnet isn’t just for photographers or painters, either. Customers might love a free smartphone or desktop wallpaper of an industry celebrity, inspiring quote, a memorable moment, or even a reminder.

Example: Get a collection of free fun and colorful wallpapers to create a soothing work environment.

31. Beta Testers or a First Look

If you’re almost ready to release a new product or roll out a new feature, you can perfect it by working with beta testers or offering a “first look” to special customers. This is a great way to bring in industry first-movers, generate excitement, collect reviews, and build a list of customers at the same time.

Example: Get The First Look at the New Big Social Platform From Big Social Media Company

32. Expert Recommendations

Sometimes a consultation with a professional can be daunting for some customers. A list of expert recommendations can be a great stepping stone, and a great lead magnet for more apprehensive customers. Ask your customers to provide relevant information and give them some basic recommendations, as well as an invitation to work with you more when they’re ready.

Example: Tell us about your lawn or garden space, what you’re looking for, and our landscaping experts will recommend the best plants, trees, and flowers for you.

33. List of Expert Hacks

You know your industry better than anyone. Give your customers some insight by offering a list of insider hacks and tricks that will help them.

Example: 30 Maintenance Tricks that Equipment Suppliers Don’t Want You To Know

34. Evaluation

An evaluation is similar to expert recommendations, but it is more decisive. It might provide a “grade” or a list of grades based on an expert’s assessment or an automated tool.

Example: How Fast Is Your Website? Let Our Webmasters Grade Your Site

35. Challenge

Encourage your customers to “test their skills” or “beat the expert.” Many people want to know how they stack up against experts in the industry, and they’ll provide some basic contact information for a chance to find out.

Example: Think you know stocks? Test your skills against a professional stockbroker.

36. Case studies

Prospective customers want to know how your product or service has worked for other buyers. A case study is a great way to tell them. A case study can range from a relatively brief overview paragraph to a detailed story.

Example: Our digital marketing services improved traffic for a local real estate company by 1200%. See how we did it!

Try these lead magnets in 2022 to convert new leads and new customers. Consider how you can solve your prospective customers’ challenges in creative ways and you can stand out from the competition.



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