Networking with LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn?

The great thing about LinkedIn is that it’s one of the easiest social networking sites for anyone to use. Because it requires very little knowledge of social media, it can be a great marketing tool with much less of a time commitment than some of its alternatives. Here is a look at some of LinkedIn’s best features for networking online.

Joining LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups allow you to connect directly with professionals in your field and your location. Joining groups is a great way to reach the specific audience that you are targeting with your LinkedIn campaign. You probably want to join enough groups that you can reach out to a diverse audience, but not so many that you can’t remain active in all of them. For groups to be an effective means of reaching your audience, you should try to participate regularly in discussions, not only by offering content of your own, but also by discussing the posts of other group members.

LinkedIn Question & Answer Forums

LinkedIn Answers is a great way to build your credibility on LinkedIn. By regularly answering questions that are related to your field, you can share your expertise with others and give them a reason to contact you. Aim to answer at least one question a week, but more is always better.

Asking for Recommendations

When you are trying to reach out to potential clients on LinkedIn, it is important to have some credibility behind your name. An easy way to establish this is by asking past employers and clients to recommend you on LinkedIn. You may want to make it into a contest where people have the chance to win a discount or a prize for writing a recommendation.

Checking your progress

The easiest way to check how effective your LinkedIn efforts are in the short term is to examine the types of responses you are receiving from your group discussion posts and the questions you have answered. In the long term, watch how your contacts and connections grow as well as how this relates to your clients.

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