Simply put, inbound marketing is based on the truth that your customers buy differently today than they did 10 years ago. We use inbound marketing to help businesses adapt to these changes by creating highly targeted digital assets that that attract the right audience, generate high-quality leads, and increase sales.

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Sometimes it helps to understand inbound marketing by thinking of it in contrast to traditional, outbound marketing.

The Old Way (Outbound)

Cold calling, cold emails, and interruptive ads
Pushes products or services on customers
Potential customers are sought out
Primary focus is on features and benefits
Marketer centric

The New Way (Inbound)

SEO, blogging, and creation of great content
Relies on earning attention instead of buying it
Customers seek you out to help them solve a problem
Focuses on being useful, interesting, & entertaining
Customer centric

The way customers buy has changed. It’s time to change the way you sell.

The Inbound Marketing Methodology

We know that consumers prefer the customer-centric approach to the marketer-centric approach. We also know that consumers have far more buying power than they used to due to all of the information and resources available online. We’ll help you take advantage of this knowledge to develop comprehensive inbound marketing campaigns that deliver extraordinary results.

Here’s how it works:


There are countless strangers on the internet with a problem you can solve. They’re searching in Google or asking their friends on social media. With the right keyword targeting and content focus, those strangers become visitors to your website.


An anonymous website visitor isn’t worth much to your business. That’s where calls to action, landing pages and forms come into play. Increasing the percent of website visitors that fill out a form to become a lead can be the quickest way to see results from inbound marketing.


Oftentimes website visitors are not sales ready at the time they become a lead. Having the proper nurturing emails, automated sales processes, and lead scoring in place helps improve branding, increase sales-team efficiency, and ultimately close more deals.


When you close a sale, it should be just the beginning of your relationship with the customer. From thank you emails to follow-up surveys to referral programs and more, there are countless ways to continue communication and develop ambassadors for your brand.

Our Proven Inbound Marketing Process

1. Starting the conversation

Before we ever enter into an agreement, you’ll meet with Web Ascender’s President and CEO, Ryan Doom. He’ll work with you to understand your challenges and your goals, find out if we can help you, and do some ROI calculations to make sure things make sense.

2. Project kickoff and strategy

Once we finalize an agreement to work together, we’ll kick off the project with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. As the foundation for your inbound marketing campaigns, your strategy will outline benchmarks and goals, buyer personas, messaging strategies, conversion paths, and sales funnels. This initial phase will also incorporate “quick win” tasks to complete in the first 60 days for big impact, as well as the blueprint for your first inbound marketing campaign, to launch within the first 90 days.

3. Continuous improvement

Following the project kickoff and strategy and initial inbound marketing campaign, we’ll transition into 90-day planning and implementation cycles. Each quarter we will strategize and work to implement a new inbound marketing campaign in addition to ongoing website improvements. We’ll also have weekly check-ins and monthly meetings to review reports, insights, and opportunities to ensure continuous improvement.

Who is a Good Fit for Inbound Marketing?

Are you tired of your competitors consistently ranking higher than you in search results? Are your current marketing strategies failing to meet your expectations? Do you find that what used to work in terms of marketing is no longer cutting it? Do you find yourself wondering how to grow and sustain your business over time?

We solve problems like these to help increase leads and sales and grow businesses. If you’re serious about taking your website to the next level, allow us to lead the way.

Start the Conversation

Is inbound marketing right for your business?

Do your customers search online to learn about your industry, products and/or services?
Do they do research before they make a buying decision?
Are they interested in helpful content and educational resources?

Inbound Marketing Results

Inbound Marketing & Ad Management Delivers 1,200% Increase in Website Leads for Regional Mortgage Lender

“Our traffic and conversions have risen each month and every indication is that these metrics will continue to improve. I highly recommend Web Ascender for your website design and SEO needs.”

Looking to take your digital marketing to the next level?

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