Digital marketing helps to extend the reach of your business online. With a digital marketing strategy that suits your businesses and resonates with your customers, you can target the right people at the right time and close more sales. Web Ascender provides digital marketing services to Detroit businesses looking to grow their business now and into the future. Located in Michigan’s Capital City, we are only a short distance away and ready to meet with you in-person or remotely to discuss your strategy. We’ll learn about your business, goals, sales strategies, customers and existing web presence, and help devise a measurable and cost-effective digital marketing strategy. With monthly reports, powerful tracking tools, and a carefully planned agenda, you’ll get accurate data showing how your strategy performs month over month. We’re confident that you’ll also see the results day to day as you gather more leads, increase sales, and build up your brand.

Customer-Centric Digital Marketing

We specialize in an inbound marketing approach for our Detroit digital marketing clients. Inbound marketing is a modern approach to marketing and advertising which places the customer’s needs and interests at the forefront, and uses technology to meet those needs. By combining targeted digital advertising, compelling content, sales conversion optimization, and automation, your target audience learns about your business and your solutions faster and more effectively.


Inbound marketing focuses on putting your business in front of customers as they’re seeking solutions in your industry. Targeted advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, and a number of other strategies help to boost your online visibility, so interested customers find your business first.


Once you’ve got your customer’s attention, the first step to conversion is demonstrating your expertise, professionalism, and willingness to help. Content marketing, behavior tracking, remarketing and other strategies help your business make an impact, and help an interested visitor become a valuable lead.


Turning leads into customers means integrating sales and marketing. At this step, leads might go to your sales team, continue through the lead nurturing process, or both. Lead nurturing workflows, targeted campaigns, follow-ups and other touchpoints help to bring your leads to the buying phase.


Keeping happy customers is just as important as filling the sales funnel. At this step, your digital marketing strategy works to make an ongoing impact on your customers. Thank you emails, upsell programs, special events and other activities help you to strengthen relationships with customers.

Detroit Digital Marketing Client Results

Detroit Manufacturer Electro-Matic Sees 371% Increase in Lead-to-Customer Conversion Rate

A targeted digital marketing strategy helped Detroit manufacturer Electro-Matic dramatically improve their lead generation and conversion. With organic search, paid search ads, email campaigns and social media development, visibility and web traffic increased dramatically. By improving customers’ experience on Electro-Matic’s website, providing valuable online tools, and using calls-to-action throughout the site, more web visitors turned to leads. Lead conversion rates also increased, and the costs of generation leads decreased. Electro-Matic is one of our many Detroit digital marketing clients who has had their web strategy dramatically improve, and they continue to work with us today.

  • Increased website leads from 5 per month to 20-30 per week
  • Increased the organic conversion rates by more than 200%
  • Decreased AdWords cost per conversion by 51% in 2 months
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Detroit Mortgage Lender Increased Leads 1,242%

Detroit mortgage lender Homesite Mortgage expanded their website and marketing efforts significantly to attract more leads online. With a new, streamlined, mobile-friendly web design, compelling landings pages and calls to action, we build a website focused on converting leads. An integrated Adwords advertising campaign and improved SEO brought both paid and organic traffic to the new site, increasing leads by over 1,242% in the first six months. As traffic, form submissions, leads, and conversion rates all increased, every step in the lead funnel received a boost. By targeting interested customers and making conversion easy, costs per leads also decreased.

  • 453% increase in click-through rate
  • 3245% conversion rate increase
  • 95% decrease in cost per conversion
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Detroit Therapy Clinic Sees 536% Increase in Organic Search Traffic

Michigan Counseling Centers offers counseling and psychotherapy services to children and families in Metro Detroit. Starting from little traffic and few patient leads, their numbers have continually grown in leaps and bounds since beginning a targeted digital marketing strategy. A blog strategy targeting vital keywords and regularly updated website content helped to increase their search engine ranks and helped leads find their clinic. By combining this with Google’s Ad Grants for nonprofits, their exposure, views and clicks continued to bring in more traffic, while keeping costs low. Their traffic and leads continue to grow today.

  • Annual traffic increased 93%, then 184%
  • Annual organic search traffic increased 57%, then 536%
  • Annual leads increased 85%
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Detroit Digital Marketing Tools and Strategies for Success

We build efficient and effective campaigns for our Detroit digital marketing clients by integrating expertise, creativity and powerful tools. A successful digital marketing campaign is made of up a variety of smaller components that work together to reach your audience, turn visitors into leads, and then into sales. We build each of these components on a carefully planned overall strategy, and support them with industry-leading software and applications. This creates a strong lead generation and conversion foundation, with vast potential for growth.

  • Digital Advertising: Carefully targeted and designed PPC ads, display ads, social media ads and more put your business in front of your target market, and those most likely to convert.
  • Content Marketing: Search engine optimization (SEO) helps interested customers find your business first. Long-form content and specialized solutions assist visitors and convert leads.
  • Lead Nurturing: Email drip campaigns, remarketing ads, and nurturing campaigns keep your business at the front of the minds of your leads, and overcome barriers to purchases.
  • Tracking and Growth: Integration across your ad platforms, website, social media, email automation and more shows what’s working, and where to improve. Your strategy builds continuously, and weak links are quickly strengthened.

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