Does Your Website Need a Testimonials Page?

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does your website need a testimonials page?

If you’re reworking your website, or creating a new website for your business, you might be wondering which pages your site needs, and which you can do without. Does your website need a testimonials page? And, if so, how can you get more reviews and testimonials for your website? In this blog post we’ll take a closer look at testimonials pages on your website, how to get them, and more.

Does Your Website Need a Testimonials Page?

Testimonial pages or review pages are important for a wide range of different websites. From software products to clothing items to fitness products and many more, some of the most famous and beloved brands use testimonials in their marketing. Though they’re less famous, testimonials are also critical for many local brands, from wedding photographers to dentists to restaurants and more. Why are testimonials so common? And does your website need a testimonials page too?

Why Are Testimonials Important?

Reviews and testimonials have the power to shape perceptions, influence purchase decisions, and bolster your brand’s credibility. Today, consumers research products and services extensively before committing, and positive reviews provide reassurance. They signify that others have found value in what you offer, easing potential buyers’ apprehensions and encouraging them to make a confident choice. Let’s take a closer look at what testimonials can do for your website, and why they’re important.

Establish Trust

Before customers visit your business or make a purchase, they need to trust that your business will deliver an experience that aligns with their expectations. Unless a customer knows someone who has visited or made a purchase from your business, it’s difficult for them to know whether or not they can trust your business.

In lieu of recommendations from family or friends, many customers look at reviews. In fact, surveys indicate that over 80% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. If a customer is visiting your website, they’re probably trying to learn more about your business. A testimonials page can help to demonstrate that your customers have confidence in you, and they’ve been pleased with their experience.

Overcome Doubts

When customers visit your website, they may have doubts about your products or services, or they may be looking for answers. Your website helps to give customers the information that they need, which might include your hours of operation, your expertise, your previous work, your products’ performance, and much more. This information helps customers determine if your business is a good fit for them or not.

Understandably, customers don’t always trust the claims a business makes themselves. However, they’re more likely to trust claims from other customers. Nearly 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. Placing customer reviews or testimonials on your website allows you to create a positive first impression using the testimonials you’ve received from customers. This makes testimonials valuable for overcoming customers’ doubts when they visit your website.

Improve SEO

Getting noticed, getting clicks, and getting listed higher than competitors in search results is a constant struggle. Search engine optimization (SEO) plays an important part in this battle. Search engines recognize the weight of reviews in determining search result rankings. This means testimonials and reviews can help improve your website’s SEO, and make your website more competitive in search results.

A steady influx of positive reviews can enhance your website’s visibility and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, driving organic traffic to your pages. When measured, websites using testimonials saw a 45% increase in traffic compared to those who didn’t. And, listing 10 or more reviews increased traffic 15 to 20% on Google Business listings.

Showcase Your Best Work

Testimonials, as well as case studies, reviews, and similar content, allows you to showcase your best work, and show your prospective clients what your business is best at. This not only gives your prospective clients more information about how your business works and what you excel at, but it also allows you to get value from delivering a great experience.

Using testimonials on your website, ideally on a testimonials page, allows you to control more of the narrative around your business. While there may be other reviews available about your business, these might not be provided from your best customers. In some cases, the reviewers might not be customers at all, or the reviews might even be made by AI bots. Using a testimonial page and making this obvious on your website allows you to highlight your best work and your best customers.

How to Get More Testimonials for Your Website (And Use Them!)

To create a testimonials page for your website, you’ll need to gather testimonials first. There are many ways to do this, but it’s essential to have a strategic approach to gather them first. Let’s take a look at a few effective strategies for garnering more testimonials for your website.

How to Get More Reviews For Your Website

Securing a steady stream of reviews requires proactive measures. With an organized strategy, you can gather testimonials from your customers and showcase them on a dedicated testimonials page, or other pages that you choose. Automated tools and templates, as well as a testimonial-gathering landing page, can help you accomplish this quickly and efficiently.

  • Request via Email: Your existing customer base is a valuable resource. Craft personalized email requests that highlight their importance and provide a link to your testimonial-gathering page. Consider offering incentives, such as discounts or exclusive content, as a token of gratitude.
  • Request via Social Media: Leverage the power of your social media presence to engage with your audience. Create engaging posts that not only celebrate your products or services, but also encourage satisfied customers to share their experiences. Incorporate compelling visuals and interactive elements to capture attention.
  • Request In-Person: If your business has a physical location, capitalize on face-to-face interactions. Train your staff to identify satisfied customers and tactfully request their feedback. The personal touch can often leave a lasting impact and encourage customers to oblige.
  • Request During an Event: Whether it’s a physical gathering or a virtual webinar, events present an excellent opportunity to gather reviews. Engage with attendees, seek their opinions, and request their insights on their experiences with your brand or offerings.

Additional Ways to Use Testimonials

Strategic placement of testimonials amplifies their influence. A testimonials page is a great resource that allows customers to find customer accounts as they research your business. However, using your testimonials in additional places allows prospective customers to see them, even when they might not be looking for them. Consider these other webpages to showcase your testimonials.

  • Product Pages: Embedding testimonials directly on product pages infuses real-world experiences into the purchasing journey. Potential buyers can gain insights into the performance, features, and quality of the products they’re interested in.
  • Homepage: Your homepage serves as the digital storefront of your business. Highlight a curated selection of your most compelling testimonials here. This not only elevates your credibility, but also provides a quick snapshot of the positive impact your brand has had on customers.
  • Contact Page: Including reviews on your contact page can help potential customers who might seek additional information before reaching out. By showcasing positive feedback, you create an environment of trust and approachability.
  • Request a Quote Page: Potential customers on this page are likely evaluating the value your offerings provide. Positive reviews here can help alleviate concerns about pricing and motivate them to take the next step in the purchasing process.

Start Gathering More Reviews

In a digital landscape where authenticity and trust are critical, harnessing the power of reviews is a strategic imperative. By proactively seeking reviews, you open a channel for customers to voice their sentiments. Placing these reviews strategically across your website, from testimonial pages to product pages and more, ensures that their impact is far-reaching.

Crucially, ensure that the process of leaving a review is seamless and user-friendly. Clear instructions, minimal steps, and gratitude for your customers’ time can encourage more customers to share their experiences. Moreover, responding to reviews—both positive and negative—reflects your commitment to customer feedback.

As you gather and post testimonials, remember that each one is a testament to the value your brand provides. In an interconnected world where opinions carry weight, testimonials will shape your online presence and also foster lasting relationships with your customers.

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