How to Connect your Google Plus Business Page with Google Maps

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While there are a ton of steps in getting your business recognized on the internet, adding a local listing on Google Maps is not a step to be overlooked. Users can search for your business on Google Maps to look up directions, reviews and contact information.

If you have already set up a Google+ page for your business and have not connected it with your Google Maps location, continue to the steps below. If you have yet to create a Google+ page, please follow these steps to do so before we begin.

1. Log in with an owner account

First, make sure that you are logged into the Google account that is the owner of your Google+ page. This will give you administrative control that other users won’t be able to see.

2. Create a separate Google+ page

Create a separate local Google+ page for the same business that is verified on Google Maps. To do this, go to Google My Business and sign in with the same administrative Google account. Then, choose either ‘Storefront Business’ or ‘Service Area Business.’ Once you’ve gotten to the map, enter the address of your business and select the name of your business if it appears on the drop down menu. If your business does not appear, select ‘No, these are not my businesses’ or ‘I’ve correctly entered the business,’ and fill out the information about your business. You will then have to verify your business, either by phone or via postcard. Only select businesses will be able to verify by phone. Once you’ve received the code, enter it into the prompt under “Verify.”

3. Manage your local page

Now, log onto Google+ and select Pages from the navigation bar on the left side of the page. You should see two pages — your main Google+ page that you’ve been using, and a blank one that you just created in step 2. We’ll refer to the page you created in step 2 as your local page, and your main page as your business page. Your local page should now have a gray check mark next to the name, meaning that it has been verified. Click “Manage this Page” under your local page.

4. Edit your settings

In the top left corner, choose Dashboard > Settings, and scroll down to the “Profile” section. Underneath “This page is connected to Google Maps,” click “Connect a Different Page.”

5. Link your old page

A box titled “Link a different page to this location” will pop up. Select your business page and click next.

6. Confirm

A list will appear, describing all changes that will take place. Click Confirm.

And wallah! You’ve successfully connected your Google+ business page to Google Maps. Now, the page that’s connected to Google Maps will display the name and verification badge that used to be on the local page. All of your previous information will be retained, including your followers, posts and management accounts. And your business page will be the first (and hopefully only) page listed when users search for your business on Google Maps.

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