6 Ways to Keep Website Visitors Coming Back

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Return website visitors

Getting visitors to your website is more than half the battle, but a truly successful website and a successful business gets visitors to come back again and again. When working on increasing your repeat website visitors ask yourself these questions. What keeps a visitor on your site? And, once they leave, what entices them to come back? Consider what pages you regularly come back to and why. What do they all have in common?

Here are 6 ways to generate repeat website visitors:

1. Be User-Friendly

If your site’s bounce rate is high, it may indicate that website visitors aren’t impressed with the site layout or organization. Sites that keep users engaged are also the simplest and clearest; it should be obvious where to go to find information or where to go next. Hotjar’s heat map feature can help businesses prioritize or re-organize information on their site according to visitors’ interests, making the site more user-friendly.

2. Solve a Problem

Thinking about the sites that you most often return to, do they solve a problem or provide content that you need? Chances are, the answer is ‘yes.’ Understand what your website visitors need, the questions they ask, the content they are looking for and give it to them. This may be answering a simple industry-related question in a blog post, highlighting a product that website visitors are actively searching for, or providing articles, videos, or pictures that website visitors will enjoy. If your website visitors begin to view your website as a credible resource, they’ll keep coming back over time.

3. Make a Deal

A website visitor that finds no value in your site won’t return. However, if something on your site saves the visitor time or money, they will be incentivized to return. Display a deal, promotion or offer prominently, without being distracting. If you can give the visitor free shipping, a discount, or expedited delivery on a product or service they are already looking for, they will be more likely to remember your site and more likely to come back to claim the deal.

4. Be Memorable

If website visitors can’t remember your site, they’ll be unlikely to visit again. Build your brand identity and differentiate your website from your competitors,’ so yours is sure to stand out in their minds. Make sure your company name and logo are prominently displayed, and easy to relate to your business. Use images; images will not only make your website appear more modern and attractive, but they are also more memorable than text.

5. Place Reminders

Don’t leave a return visit up to chance; make sure your previous website visitors will see you again. Targeted remarketing ads will automatically display your site or products in other areas your previous website visitors frequent online, including other websites and social media. Displaying a product that a visitor previously viewed, showcasing a new deal, or spotlighting content they will enjoy will create an easy return path to your site.

6. Forge Connections

Connect with your website visitors in more than one place; find your visitors on social media based on demographics and connect with them through email. Information provided when a user made a purchase or claimed a deal can be used to make more connections. Send emails or make posts with offers or content that will interest them, answer questions or comments online, and personalize these interactions to show authenticity.

The same things that you enjoy about a certain website are often the same things that your website visitors will enjoy. With the right design, targeted content, and strategic marketing, your first-time website visitors can become loyal customers that know your website well.

Did we miss something? How do you get website visitors to come back to your site time and time again? Leave a comment!

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