6 Essential Elements of a Landing Page That Converts Leads

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A landing page is an essential part of your inbound marketing strategy. In order to distribute your content and attract interested leads and customers you need to create an educational landing page. This page should include short and impactful content that explains the benefits of the marketing content and influences visitors to exchange their contact information to access it.

Here are 6 essential landing page elements that convert leads:

1. Compelling headline

The first element of your landing page is a compelling headline that reiterates what the visitor is getting. For example, let’s say they clicked on a website call-to-action promoting a free ebook. The headline should say “Free Ebook” and the title of the Ebook you’re promoting. This will let them know that they are in the right place and lead them to read on.

2. Educational sub-headline

Below the headline should be a one sentence sub-headline that summarizes the benefit of the marketing content they are about to download. This area is your chance to influence your visitors to continue reading through your landing page. You should use impactful keywords in this sentence like “increase revenue”, or “win new business” to further influence your visitor to download your marketing content.

3. Lead converting body text

The next step is to write landing page body content that further explains how the marketing content will benefit the visitor if they download it. This area should summarize the content and promote 4 or 5 key takeaways they will get from downloading the content. You should word this area with your potential leads in mind and speak directly to them to make it more personal. This area of your landing page is your final opportunity to influence your visitor to fill out the form so you need to focus on what’s in it for them.

4. An educational and relevant image

Using a relevant and educational image on your landing page will help get the point of the marketing content across even further. This image could either be an image that is relevant to the topic or an image of the cover of the marketing content you’re promoting. For example if you’re promoting an ebook, creating an image using the Ebook’s cover and showing it as a packet will help your visitors understand what they’re getting when they fill out the form.

5. A short and sweet form

The next element of a landing page that’s essential to converting website visitors into leads is your form. Your landing page’s form should be short and only collect information that makes sense for the content your potential lead is trying to access. For example if your landing page is promoting an Ebook, you really only need to collect a name and email. However, if the landing page is for a consultation or another interaction that requires some prior knowledge asking for the potential lead’s role, company name, and phone number makes sense. Keep in mind that this step should be extremely easy for your potential lead. Asking for a ton of information is just going to hinder your potential leads from filling out your form.

6. A descriptive call-to-action

The final element of a landing page is a descriptive call-to-action. At the bottom of your form you should replace generic calls-to-action, like “Download” or “Submit”, with descriptive text like “Access The Ebook” or “Claim Your Ebook”. This will give your leads a final confirmation that by filling out the form they will receive the content they are expecting.

A landing page is in place to inform your potential leads about the benefit they will get from downloading your marketing content. The information provided should not be promotional or lengthy, but instead should work to convince your potential leads that it’s worth exchanging their contact information to access the content. If you build all of your landing pages with these 6 elements in mind, you will be sure to convert high quality leads.

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