13 Lead-Generating Interactive Website Feature Ideas

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Lead-generating interactive website feature ideas

Potential leads want to interact with website content that gives them value, and at times putting something in writing just doesn’t cut it. Some of the most valuable features that you can provide potential leads are interactive website features. These features can create instant value for your lead and place you as an industry leader keeping potential leads coming back to your website time and time again to help solve a crucial problem or question they may have.

Here are 13 lead-generating interactive website feature ideas you need to see

#1. Hubspot Website Grader

Hubspot Website Grader Interactive Website Feature

If your marketing team uses the inbound marketing methodology to generate leads, chances are you’ve heard of Hubspot. Hubspot is an inbound marketing platform that allows you to build and track full inbound campaigns. They also have a ton of interactive website features to aide your marketing team in a variety of tasks. One of these features is their website grader. By inputting your URL and email into the site you’re able to get an overview on how strong your website is broken down by performance, mobile, SEO and security.

#2. Hubspot- Inbound Marketing Lead and Sale Calculator

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Traffic And Leads Calculator Interactive Website Feature

Another Hubspot interactive website feature available is their inbound marketing traffic and leads calculator. This calculator helps marketing teams analyze how much traffic and leads they can expect while adjusting their marketing budget. It can help marketing teams better understand what percentage of the marketing budget needs to be allocated to inbound marketing efforts.

#3. Homesite Mortgage – Debt Consolidation Calculator

Homesite Direct Mortgage Calculators Debt Consolidation Calculator Interactive Website Feature

Homesite Mortgage is a Web Ascender client that was in need of a way for their leads to begin the process of debt consolidation with their team. The debt consolidation calculator was created to allow potential customers to input all of their debt into one place and visualize what consolidation would look like. This lead-generating interactive website feature allows Homesite Mortgage to identify potential leads who would be good candidates for their refinancing options.

#4. HomeSite – Realtor Club

Homesite Direct Join Realtor Club Interactive Website Feature

Homesite Mortgage also has another useful interactive website feature on their website built for Realtors. The Homesite Mortgage Realtor Club™ connects Realtors with active home buyer leads identified by Homesite Mortgage. This in turn builds a referral relationship between local Realtors and Homesite Mortgage.

#5. Chelsea State Bank – Financial Fitness Grader

Chelsea State Bank Financial Fitness Grader Interactive Website Feature

Chelsea State Bank is a bank in Chelsea, Michigan that is also a Web Ascender client. Their team saw an opportunity to focus on the financial fitness of their leads with a financial fitness grader. This interactive website feature allows potential leads to answer a series of questions about their finances that will ultimately give them a financial grade at the end. This grader allows Chelsea State Bank to identify leads that could benefit from their financial services.

#6. RSI – Rail Logistics Grader for Cutting Costs in Rail Spend

RSI Rail Logistics Grader Interactive Web Feature

RSI is another Web Ascender client that has products and services focussed on helping consumers with their rail logistics for rail shipments. They help consumers identify holes in their rail transportation, in turn saving them money in the long term. To generate new leads the rail logistics grader was created to identify cost-saving areas of their rail transportation processes. This lead-generating interactive website feature helps RSI identify leads that would be a good fit with their rail logistics tools.

#7. EQ health – Chronic Care Management Projected Revenue Calculator

EQHS Calculator Interactive Web Feature

EQHealth is another Web Ascender client that produces health technology. To get new leads, an interactive website feature was created to identify revenue opportunities for chronic care management services. This calculator allows EQHealth to identify leads that may be a good fit for their technology and services.

#8. Electro-Matic Led Lighting – ROI Calculator for LED lighting

EM LED Lighting Roi Calculator Interactive Website Features

EMVisual is another Web Ascender client that offers a variety of LED solutions for lighting, billboards and beyond. In order to identify LED lighting leads an ROI calculator for LED lighting was created. This calculator allows potential leads to identify how much they can save on costs by switching to LED lighting. In turn EMVisual can get connected with leads who would be a good fit for their LED lighting products.

#9. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Tomie Raines Realtors – Home Value Estimator

Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Tomie Raines Realtors Home Value Estimator Interactive Website Feature

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Tomie Raines Realtors is a Real Estate Agency in Mid-Michigan. The current state of the market is a seller’s market meaning there are a ton of potential buyers on the market and few properties to choose from. To find new seller leads, an interactive website feature called the Home Value Estimator was created. By filling in an address 3 home value estimates are produced along with other market information about the home. If the lead decides to claim the property as their own they can also obtain access to active potential buyers that would be interested in buying their home right now. This feature allows BHHS Tomie Raines Realtors to get connected with potential home sellers that were maybe considering a different timeline for selling their home.

#10. Salesforce Pardot – ROI Calculator

Pardot ROI Calculator Interactive Web Feature

Salesforce has an interactive website feature on their website that gives potential leads a really simple way to calculate ROI. This feature lists a series of questions and then at the end identifies how much ROI potential your company could have by opting for a sales platform like Salesforce. This then connects these leads with new information about the Salesforce platform.

#11. Insivia – Marketing Budget Calculator

Insivia Marketing Budget Calculator Interactive Web Feature

Have you ever wondered what marketing budget is needed to actually have an effective marketing strategy? Invisia Marketing created a Marketing Budget Calculator to help potential leads understand what their marketing budget should be based on their goals. This interactive website feature allows Invisia Marketing to connect with leads who could benefit from their services within their marketing budget.

#12. Hubspot – Ad Spend Calculator

Hubspot Advertising Roi Calculator Interactive Website Feature

Another interactive website feature created by Hubspot that’s extremely helpful when budgeting for paid ads in their Ad Spend calculator. This calculator asks a series of questions about the goals the lead wishes to reach with their ads. Then at the end it produces a list of projected performance and revenue to help the lead visualize how much ROI their ad spend plan can help them produce. By toggling their answers they can make tweaks to how they allocate their budget and the project outcome to see how that will change their ROI potential.

#13. Hubspot – Blog Title Generator

Hubspot Blog Post Generator Interactive Website Features

Hubspot also has another helpful interactive website feature called the blog title generator. By placing in keywords that you’d like to target with a potential blog post, a list of blog post titles is generated for you to choose from. This helps Hubspot get connected with leads who are using the inbound marketing methodology to gain new leads.

Overall, interactive website features are a great way to engage potential leads on your website. They allow you to be an instant resource unlike other forms of lead-generating content like guides for example. By setting up extremely helpful interactive website features on your website you’ll be able to find new leads that you know have a need for your product or service based on how they use the feature. Do you have an idea for an interactive website feature that would work well for your company? Let us know in the comments!

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