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RSI Logistics is a rail shipping software and services company based in Mid-Michigan.

They’ve been serving customers nationwide for more than 30 years, with the goal of making rail shipping simpler, more efficient and more cost-effective. Their two software products, RSInet and USRail Insight enable rail shippers to improve efficiency independently while RSI’s rail logistics services allow shippers to offload some day to day tasks to the experts.


RSI Logistics


WordPress website & inbound marketing

What We Did
  • Launch + Growth
  • WordPress Website Design & Development
  • Digital Marketing & Advertising Strategy
  • Hubspot Implementation
  • User Interface Design (Web Applications)

The Problem

RSI Logistics came to Web Ascender with an outdated website and a lacking digital marketing strategy. They knew they needed a website to present them as the technology company they are, but they also came to us with goals of increasing their reach online and better utilizing marketing and sales software for their business. They’d dabbled with content marketing and email automation in the past, but had yet to fully capitalize on the possibilities. They needed a strategic partner who could take their digital marketing efforts to the next level.

The Solution

Web Ascender employed our proven Launch + Growth process to outfit RSI Logistics with a new and improved WordPress website and an initial inbound marketing campaign in just a couple months. This was huge progress over the previous site, but it left plenty of room for evolving, testing and continuous improvement in the months and years that have followed. From blogging and content marketing to search and remarketing ad campaigns to automation of marketing and sales processes, Web Ascender continues to move the needle for RSI each and every month.

Results: Derailing the Competition

Web Ascender delivered results beyond expectations from top to bottom. RSI’s new website saw a 78% increase in traffic in the first year, with a 25% increase in organic search traffic as well as significant new traffic from email and paid sources. Our focus on not only increasing traffic, but also on increasing the proportion of visitors who become leads resulted in a 10% increase in conversion rate and a 106% increase in website leads in the first year.

It has now been over 3 years since the Web Ascender-RSI partnership got its start, and RSI has seen an astounding 375% increase in total traffic, a 203% increase in organic search traffic, and a 436% increase in monthly website leads.

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