Educational Web Design and Application Development


The NHI BEST is an experimental grant funded program that MSU is implementing that provides additional education and helpful services to students in the program.

They are holding extra seminars and tracking specific data points with each student in the experimental program to see what type of long term affect the program may have on their career.


Michigan State University


Education website design, development & Ruby on Rails web application

What We Did
  • Consulting and Architecture Services
  • Website Design
  • WordPress CMS
  • Web Application Development
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Growth Driven Development

The Problem

The MSU staff conceptually knew what they were trying to solve, but they needed an experienced partner to work with them to really outline the goals, track the required data, and use this data long term for analysis.

The Solution

Web Ascender first worked with MSU BEST to implement a mobile friendly web application that enables students in the program to keep track of what events, seminars, meetings, and mentoring opportunities they have attended. The system also gives MSU the ability to grant new students access, schedule events, track activity, view reports, and communicate with students via text messaging directly through the system.

Upon completion of the web application Web Ascender worked with MSU BEST to implement a new website for the program. The website outlines more of the specific details of what the program entails and gives interested students an opportunity to apply.


The web application was created on a very specific budget and was needed within a very tight deadline. Web Ascender was able to deliver this project ahead of schedule and it has been used without issue through a full program year. The application is also being actively considered for use in other departments within Michigan State University to track and report on educational engagement.

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