Our Approach to Web Development

We are different than your typical website firm. Not only can our team craft beautiful and effective web interfaces, but we can also do all the programming necessary to make them work perfectly. Our web development team is made up of talented web designers as well as very experienced web developers who have created software to run critical hospital equipment, invoicing and accounting systems, genetic analysis software and much more.

Web Development Planning


To create the perfect application for your business, it’s critical that our web development team learns what is important to you and your customers. As we gather this information, we will outline your overall goals and craft a plan for success. The more our team can learn about your business, your customers and the problems you are looking to solve, the better we can provide innovative ways for your application to make the lives of others easier.

Personas for Web Development

Stories & Features

When working on web applications, we often try to think in terms of the type of people who will be using the system and the activities they will need to perform. Our web development team often creates personas for different application users, and we write feature stories for each of your users, outlining what types of problems need to be solved for each of them. By thinking in terms of stories and writing in terms of the problems we are trying to solve, we can thoroughly identify the features you need. Once we are done with the story process, we start to break those stories down into features and work with you to prioritize them.

Web Application Design

Wireframes & Creative

We typically don’t jump directly into making beautiful application designs. The first part of the process is to create basic sketches of each screen for your application, outlining what will be where and why. After going through rounds of reviewing the wireframes and tweaking the type of information that needs to be collected, saved, displayed or reported, we can start with the actual creative designs. This includes the aesthetic look and feel of how the application will appear as well as behave.

Web Application Development

Application Development

After we have outlined a plan, identified the necessary features, and have the aesthetic designs created for each of the pages within the application, we will start developing your product. Our developers typically do a mixture of individual and pair programming for web applications. Pair programming gives the benefit of having an additional set of eyes on the code and another brain to bounce ideas off when making critical decisions during the building process. On new projects, our team typically works with Ruby on Rails or ASP .NET. We will also frequently send you links allowing you to review and provide feedback on the application we are creating.

Web Application Maintenance

Ongoing Maintenance

Our projects are typically low maintenance, but it’s rare to have a development project that is no maintenance. The amount you will learn after having your first version of an application released to your clients is tremendous. People will give you a lot of feedback and a lot of suggestions about how they think things should work or features they would want in the system. During this time, our web development team will work with you to determine how features should be adjusted, what features should be added, and how to continue to grow your web project in the future. As your project becomes a success, you will want to invest in bigger and better features, and we will be here to help you as needed.

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