Our Web Design Process

We start all of our projects the same way - with the end in mind. Our web designers will work with you to define your goals and craft everything else around them. Are you seeking a website to sell products online, get more leads for a service or appear more credible than your competition? We will help you discover the core objectives of your website and outline a strategy for achieving success.

Our team is made up of the best website designers, internet marketers and web application developers in the industry. We absolutely love what we do. We do it as our day job, we speak and share our knowledge and make cool things on the weekend for fun. It’s who we are. The web design industry moves at the speed of light, and there is always something new to learn or a better way to solve a problem. Our team is never content with the status quo. We continue to learn every day to help our clients be successful in all their endeavors.

Web Design Goals and Strategy

Goals and Strategy

It’s important to define what end result would make your project a success. Maybe it's seeing a 10% increase in traffic to your website or selling 100 units of your product every week. It could just be to improve the number of leads you receive through your online forms. Whatever it might be for you, we will define it - then we will work with you to determine how we can help you achieve it.
Information Architecture for Websites

Information Architecture

Before you start making your website beautiful, you have to think about what your new website is going to do. This includes thinking about your audience, the information they will need to access, and how to organize your site so that content is easy to find. During this process we will work together to define all of the pages you will need for your website and create ‘to do’ lists with who will be responsible for what content.
Web Design Wireframes


We usually create simple black and white sketches of designs before we break out our mad Photoshop skills. Companies often focus too much on look and feel in the early stages and forget about the "what" and "why" behind it all. During the wireframe process we step back and outline each page, deciding where each element should be placed. Where should the logo go? What about navigation? What should be featured on the homepage? All these questions are answered as we sketch out the design in wireframes. You will see the "where" and "why" of your content before the paint is applied.

User Interface Design

User Interface Design

After the wireframes are created it is time to dig down deeper. This is when we'll start to sweat the details of design such as colors, icons, graphics, and more. It's where your website will turn into a work of art. During our design process we always stress usability and accessibility. What does this mean? It’s things like making links look like links and not building something so complex your visitor has to ‘learn’ how to use it. Our experienced team of creative designers understands web standards and the roles they play in the design process, allowing us to produce visually stunning yet intuitive products.

Website Design and Development

Website Development

Once your information architecture and designs are hashed out, it’s time to get the geeks involved. Web Ascender does website design as well as website development, so we have our own propeller heads that can take your design and turn it into a fully functional website. Our team can also program any custom website features you may need and provide you with mobile-friendly website solutions.

Additional Web Design Services

Conversion OptimizationConversion and Landing Page Design

Conversion is a term used when a visitor does something you want them to do. An example of this might be to add an item to their shopping cart, fill out a quote request, or sign up for an email newsletter. There is a lot of brainpower that goes into defining your conversion points and outlining strategies to make an impact on your visitor. Interested in learning how we can help you grow your business? Get in touch.

Website RedesignsWebsite Redesigns

Looking to step your game up to the next level? Web Ascender can take you there. It’s quite common for a company to want to update their design every few years. It keeps the marketing fresh. What’s really cool about how we work is that we always use content management systems. This means once you have a website created with us we can very easily change the look and feel without having to rebuild your entire website. It’s pretty fabulous.

Michigan Web Design

Web Ascender has many Michigan web design clients, ranging from Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Okemos, East Lansing, Flint, Royal Oak and many other cities. Our Michigan web designers have been providing solutions to MI for over 4 years with Web Ascender and he have many satisfied web design clients in Michigan.

Michigan Web Development

Our web programming and DotNetNuke development is very popular in Michigan. Headquartered in Okemos Michigan, which is right next to Lansing and East Lansing Michigan provides us a unique opportunity to provide web development services to Michigan clients.

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