The Inbound Marketing Process

Attract the right visitors to your website

Convert those visitors into leads

Nurture your leads into customers

Delight customers into loyal brand ambassadors

By understanding who your potential buyers are, we can help you create a conversion-focused, goal-oriented inbound marketing strategy to take your digital presence to the next level.

Attract Your Ideal Customers

Inbound marketing focuses on drawing the most qualified prospects for your business through regularly- delivered, high quality content. By keying in on buyer personas – semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers - and developing a content strategy to reach them each specifically, we’ll help you draw in the most qualified visitors to your website.

Attraction Strategies

Website Content, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Publishing.

How to Increase Website Traffic

Convert Website Visitors Into Actual Leads

Once you start attracting the right visitors to your website, the next step is to convert those visitors into tangible leads. A proper conversion strategy paired with compelling content offers is how you’re going to capture website visitor’s contact information. Our team will help you develop the most compelling strategy to increase the amount of the right leads you get each month.

Conversion Tools

Calls-to-Action, Landing pages, Forms, Contacts

Close Leads Into Customers

After you’ve made that initial connection with your website visitors, your next goal is to nurture them into becoming real, paying customers. Educating them through automated emails, monitoring their actions on your website and passing on relevant information to your sales teams are all ways that will help make the sale. We’ll help you nurture those leads and gain valuable insights into those leads to help your sales team to close more deals.

Closing Ingredients

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Email, Marketing Automation, Closed-Loop Reporting

How to Improve Lead Nurturing

Delight Your Customers Into Loyal Ambassadors

Once you’ve made the sale, your job isn’t done! Your best marketing tool is the voice of your happy customers. All successful inbound marketing strategies focus on not only funneling visitors into becoming real customers, but creating lifelong brand ambassadors and repeat buyers. Our team will help you execute the most effective customer enrichment strategies to create not only company advocates but more long-term revenue.

Delighting Methods

Surveys, Social Monitoring, Smart Calls-to-Action, Smart Text

$20K is the average companies save per lead by investing more
 in inbound marketing vs outbound – Hubspot

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About Our Inbound Marketing Team

We’re a team of digital marketing enthusiasts in Lansing, Michigan. We’re always reading up on the latest trends and innovating strategies of our own. We thrive off the success of our clients and our desire to help more business grow by utilizing the resources available to them with online marketing.

We’ve got social geeks, advertising innovators, SEO gurus, and more to take your campaigns to the next level.

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