Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers and Web Developers

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Why make life harder than it has to be? Google Chrome has many extensions that serve a variety of purposes, but for a web designer or web developer there are many extensions that can help with the creative and development process.  Below are 10 great Google Chrome extensions that utilize your browser in order to make your life easier and help produce great work.

1. Flickr Tab

This extension is a  great way to keep your desktop feeling fresh. Flickr Tab works by choosing a random photo in the Flickr community and displaying it on your browser every time that you open up a new tab. This extension is great for keeping things feeling new and fresh. Forget looking at a blank white screen, get inspired by the many photos you may come across in day to day activities.

2. Check My Links

Ever publish a website only to find out that there is a broken link somewhere? Worry no more with Check My Links. This Google Chrome extensions is great for web developers as it automatically highlights all links visible on a webpage and inspects them for functionality. The days of manually checking links are gone as this efficient extension is a must for web developers.

3. Page Ruler

Page Ruler is fantastic for both web developers and web designers. This extension works by letting the user measure out the exact specs of a webpage. There is no more need to winging, or eyeball it it when it comes to mockups or re-creating a website in photoshop, as Page Ruler will give you the exact dimensions you are looking for.

4. Pic Monkey

This extensions is one of the most useful Google Chrome Extensions that are currently available in the market place. Pic Monkey works by grabbing all images on any webpage and saves them for the users editing pleasure. Download this extension now!

5. Instant Wireframe

This is another extensions that is perfect for speeding up the development process. This extension works by turning any webpage into an instant wireframe for designers and developers. Quickly get an overview of web pages with Instant Wireframe.


6. DevTools Autosave

DevTools Autosave is another great Chrome extensions that seamlessly enhances the lives of web developers and designers. This extension works by saving changes made in the CSS and HTML in the Google Chrome browser window. No more moving back and forth between windows to copy and paste data, now get all of your coding in one instant with the DevTools Autosave extension.

7. Font Playground

This Google Chrome extensions takes web development to the next level as it allows users to completely edit the fonts on the webpage they are visiting. This extension is great for designers testing out the visual aesthetic of a page, as it works by producing the font styles live on the web page. This extension also allows you to customize the font with a variation of styles, to help the user get that exact look and feel they are going for.

8. ColorZilla

ColorZilla is another must-have for web design and developers. This extensions analyzes the web page for the contained colors, while also allowing users to chose specific colors found on the website. This extension is a great because it allows developers and designers to get the exact colors they desire for their creative purposes.

9. Benchwarmer

This extension is a great way for designers to find some inspiration. Benchwarmer works by pulling designs from graphic design based website, Dribbble, and displays many works of art for the users viewing pleasure every time they open a new tab. This extension is a great tool to keep things fresh and allow for inspiration to strike at any time. Juggle between this extension and the Flickr Tab extension in order to keep things interesting.

10. Web Developer Checklist

The Web Developer Checklist extension is a great resource for web developers who want to follow the best practices and fix website issues during the development process. This extension will remind the user to follow the guidelines set in place and works as a great companion in building a website.

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