8 Ways to Freshen Up Your Website For Spring

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Spring-cleaning is not only good for you and your home, but it’s also essential for keeping your website up-to-date and fresh. This doesn’t mean you need to completely overhaul your website every year but updating content, images, and call to actions every few months are great ways to stay current and keep your visitors engaged. Looking for inspiration on how to accomplish this? Below are 8 ways to freshen up your website for this spring.

  1. Create New Website Banners / Rotating Slides. Website banners and slides can get old quickly. Typically they are the first thing a visitor sees when they view your website. So updating these every couple of months is a must. When updating your banners, you should also update your messaging. Maybe you want the visitor to take the same action, but if they see the message displayed the same way every time, it is likely that it will be overlooked. Need some inspiration for new banners? Check out our post on Design Techniques For Photos With Text Overlays.Updating Rotating Banner

  2. Freshen Up Your Content. You may have spent hours on the original content for your website, but that doesn’t mean you can set it and forget it. Treat your website like your garden. If you forget about your garden what happens? Your beautiful flowers start to wither as the weeds begin to take over. The same idea goes for your website content. What was relevant 6 months ago may not be relevant today. If you haven’t read through your content recently, make it a point to weed out old and outdated information and plant new key terms and lush information to help you stay relevant and continue to convert visitors into customers.

  3. Add New Calls to Action. If you spent time updating your content, it should be a piece of cake to determine what you want your visitors to do with the new information. Maybe you have a new whitepaper you want your visitors to download or a new demo for users to sign up for. Update your calls to action to align with these new changes. Don’t forget to add new visual interest. By swapping out photos and adding new relevant marketing text, you will be back on track to generating leads and maximizing your revenue.Call To Action

  4. Refresh Your Social Media Banners. Since it is important to create a cohesive branding experience across the board, you can easily create new social media material by using marketing and design concepts that already exist. It’s as easy as taking your new homepage banner image and call to action and creating a new marketing piece that falls into line.Social Media

  5. Update Your Newsletter Template. Are you in a rut and unmotivated to write new and interesting content? Is your open rate slowly decreasing each month? If you’re feeling bored with your newsletter, then most likely your subscribers are sick of it too. Why not freshen up your email marketing with a new custom template? Just a few changes can be enough to get your newsletter back on track. Start by updating the header with a fresh photo. Emails that relate to the time of the year tend to have higher open rates. So why not switch up the colors, text and even subject line to evoke the feeling of spring.Newsletter

  6. Add a Blog. If you don’t already have a blog, you should consider getting one. Blogs are one of the easiest ways to keep your content fresh and information relevant. It’s as easy as posting weekly about industry tips and tricks. It not only keeps visitors on your site for longer, but it will help you collect repeat visitors. Blogs are also great for keeping your newsletter fresh. Reference a short paragraph from your post into your newsletter and direct the subscribers back to your site.

  7. Add New Images or Videos. There is nothing I hate more than old photos and more importantly old stock photos. If you can clearly tell that the photo is outdated, then it’s time for an update. Once the flowers start blooming and the trees start budding, step outside and take a new photo of your office building. You can even learn from one of our design experts on how to take your own business photos for your website. Need some images fast? Check out our resource for some of the best free photography sites for commercial and personal use.

  8. Update Your Site to be Responsive.  What is a responsive website? A responsive website is the same site, same links, and same content – on every device. The only difference is that it is coded in such a way that it will respond gracefully to whatever size device it is being viewed on.  If your site isn’t responsive already, then you are going to want to jump on this bandwagon ASAP. Not only is it important to have a website that works on all devices but now Google is requiring you to have a responsive site, unless you want to take a hit for it in Google rankings.Responsive Website

We are always looking for additional suggestion on ways people can update their websites throughout the year. Please post your ideas below!

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