5 SEO WordPress Plugins to Improve Search Rankings

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So you have a great WordPress site, but no one is visiting. Now what? There are many exceptional WordPress plugins available to boost your SEO to bring more traffic to your site and generate more leads. I’ve listed out a couple of plugins that I think can improve your search engine rankings to reach the top spot.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO was the first free, multi-site SEO plugin that has an “all in one” feature. The plugin helps you write better content, provides a page analysis, incorporates social integration, and even creates an XML sitemap for your WordPress site. After a keyword focus is chosen, WordPress SEO can work it’s magic. The Page Analysis function checks to see if you are using the designated keyword throughout the page’s content, meta description, and in titles and subheads. The Page Analysis also checks to make sure your images have that keyword within the alt text.

WordPress SEO also displays a search engine view that shows what your post will look like as an organic listing. This shows you if your title is too long or short, or if your meta description will make sense in a search listing. These minor details play a big role in whether your post will be ranked highly or lost in the search engine abyss.

WordPress SEO Plugin

2. DuracellTomi’s Google Tag Manager for WordPress

“Tags” or snippets of code placed on your website help you to measure traffic and online marketing efforts. Having multiple third party tags can clutter up your site causing a slow load time. Google Tag Manager for WordPress generates a custom dataLayer that you can use to organize and manage your Analytics, Adwords, Floodlight, and other tags on a single interface to limit errors and crowding.

Google Tag Manager puts you in control of your online marketing and allows you to add and edit various tags without editing the container code on your WordPress pages. You can set certain tags to “fire” when specific events takes place. For example, when a user downloads an eBook, an event will be tracked in Google Analytics.

3. WP Social SEO Booster

WP Social SEO Booster is the only WordPress plugin that works with any SEO plugins, and includes all types of microdata that is supported by Google. WP Social adds Facebook Graph, Twitter Card, and Google rich snippets (such as ratings), to boost your search engine presence. Every option can be used generally, or customized for a specific post or page. Utilizing every online marketing option will help generate more traffic and leads to your WordPress site.

Seo wordpress plugin

4. SEO Friendly Images

Your website should not only stand out in regular organic search results, but also in an image search. SEO Friendly Images is an excellent plugin to optimize your WordPress site’s images. The alt text of an image is extremely important when trying to rank in search engines, as the text is the only thing Google, Bing, and Yahoo can crawl and rank. SEO Friendly Images automatically updates an image’s alt text and titles based on prior options that you had choosen, so you can be found.

5. Scribe for WordPress

Content is key when trying to rank on search engines. Scribe for WordPress makes it simple for you to conduct in-depth research on your website to gain insight on how to write page content strategically to generate more traffic and leads. Scribe shows you if your content is matching the overall focus and keywords of your WordPress site, based on your content marketing strategy. Depending on the research results, you can optimize toward the keywords further to increase rankings and content relevance.

WordPress SEO plugins

All of these plugins are excellent resources that will help you improve your site’s SEO and search engine rankings. Each plugin has different features that are custom to your site and easy to use. However, be sure not to overcrowd your site with an array of plugins, because it will slow down your site’s load time!

Let me know if I’ve missed any great SEO plugins that you love using on your WordPress site.

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