5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

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The holidays are almost over – 2016 is about to be in the rear view mirror. But for many digital marketers, 2016 was over a while ago. Forecasting and planning for 2017 has been happening for a few months at this point with most decisions being made by data and goals for the new year. But what digital marketing trends should be considered in the 2017 outlook?

It is an exciting time in digital to say the least. New products and designs are being introduced every day each with a new and exciting attribute or feature for marketers to sink their teeth into. For the first time ever, eMarketer expects digital advertising spend to exceed television advertising sales. So what digital marketing trends will pull away from the pack?

Below are 5 Digital Marketing Trends That Have Growth Potential in 2017:

1. Personalized, Conversational and Engaging Content

Each day digital advertisers are using new techniques and spaces to target audiences which unfortunately can lead to some users starting to tune out messaging. Having engaging and conversational content can set those messages apart from the crowd. Visitors are getting savvy in the way they interact with content and messaging. When the message speaks to them directly, this greatly increases every marketers bottom line – conversions. Look for new ways to personalize content for each user, specifically in eComm with past purchase history and buyer trends to be utilized.

2. Influencer Marketing

A great example of influencer marketing being successful can be found with Snapchat in 2016. Brands started using avid Snapchat users with strong audiences to pitch their brand in new and engaging ways. Such marketing attracted the more elusive younger target audiences that are tough to persuade or get their attention in fun and interesting ways. This can also be seen as brands valuing their current customers by promoting a current user who believes in their product or brand. That level of value is difficult to create as well as lead to the strong increase of reach and conversions brands are seeing from influencer marketing.

3. AR/VR Product Enhancements

Augmented and virtual reality are expected to bring revenues of $150 billion by 2020 – how will advertisers capitalize on that growth? With the success of Pokémon Go in 2016, businesses see the value blending virtual activities with the real world by encompassing a fully engaging experience with the user. They create an interesting blend of storytelling while giving users a new reason to interact with the brand. Look for functionalities like 360° video to be utilized by brands to engage users while testing out how their messaging can work in the evolving AR/VR space.

4. Next Level Data

Digital marketers love data. It can help guide decisions, pull out ROI and optimize campaigns to their best potential. Look for data to jump to the next level while finding ways to eliminate holes from reporting. For example, we lose campaign tracking if a user shares content through email, instant messenger or text message. Figuring out how to continue tracking while embracing channels where data is lacking will be a big effort in 2017.

5. Video Marketing with Personalization

Video content has been a big player in digital marketing strategies for a few years now. We know from data that users are watching the videos, but we previously lacked interaction with video. With the introduction of Facebook Live in 2016, users are now able to interact with the video content in real time through comments, shares and reactions. Brands are then able to react to their customers in real-time, thus creating a “real” interaction and experience. That specific type of interaction is being craved by both brands and customers – expect it to only increase in 2017.

These are just a few examples of new and innovative digital marketing trends we expect to see in 2017. Let us know in the comments other trends you expect to see in the new year.

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