2017 Stock Photography Trends

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No matter what you’re designing, using great photography in your work can take any project to the next aesthetic level. Websites, banners, and brochures can always benefit from the use of stunning, carefully selected photos. Although we advocate taking your own photos when you can, there has been an undeniable increase of professional photography made available to the public.

Stock photography often carries the stigma of staged photos with plastic, smiling faces or outdoor scenery used for inspirational posters but there has been a recent swing towards the use of photography with more authentic subject matter. We’ve examined some trends we see growing in the next year that can be implemented in your next project. All the images we used are from Pexels. They curate an incredible collection of stunning photos that can be used for free for any project.


As we mentioned, the use of authentic subject matter that reflects real life is going to be on the rise. Often these types of photos defy common stock photography convention and can include photos of people with tattoos, dads, and women in the tech industry.

Authentic girl with tattoo stock photography

authentic hands stock photography

Dad and son stock photography

dad and son stock photography

Women in tech stock photography

Man’s Best Friend

Search any stock photography site for ‘dog’ and you will be inundated with pages and pages of pooches sitting down and smiling for the camera. Using photos of dogs with people participating in real life are going to give your project a more accurate and relatable depiction.

Family and dog stock photography

Puppy stock photography trends

People and Technology

As technology continues to boom, photos of people using different devices will be showing up across many platforms.

girl on iphone stock photography

Photo and polaroid stock photography

laptop stock photography trends

People and Analog

On the opposite end of the technology spectrum are visuals of individuals going back to paper and analog devices. Photos like these will evoke a sense of nostalgia in your collateral.

girl reading book stock photography trends

Little boy taking photo stock photography trends

little boy reading stock photography trends

People and Plants

The photos taken behind people in front of stunning landscapes are slowly going by the wayside. Images of people with plants create a similar natural aesthetic. Dark, leafy greens are a perfect backdrop for individuals.

Girl in greenhouse stock photography

man in jungle stock photography

girl near plants stock photography

Caribbean Blues

Create a sense of serenity using photographs with bright turquoise hues.

turquoise water stock photography

blue beach stock photography

ocean scape stock photography

In the Moment

Gone are the staged stock photography photos of employees in a conference room or families sitting on fresh cut lawn in front of a house. There’s been a big surge in photos of groups of people taken up close during everyday activities. These photos are more genuine and make someone feel as though they are right in the moment.

couple at bar stock photography

fisherman smoking cigarette stock photography

lantern send off stock photography

Bold and Saturated Patterns

Colorful patterns in photography are a great way to leverage a brand’s hues in your work. Instead of using an illustrated pattern as a backdrop, look for colorful photos with more organic shapes.

Bright jellyfish stock photography

patterned wall stock photography

Bright pink flamingo stock photography

Blueberries stock photography


Stock photography, like any industry is constantly changing and evolving to meet the desire of consumers. Authenticity will play a huge roll in stock photos for 2017. Have you seen any trends in stock photography? Share them with us in the comments below!

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