10 Google Chrome Extensions For Web Designers

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10 Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

First, lets quickly cover what an extension is. Extensions are plug-ins that extend the functionality of a web browser in some way. They can improve your browser experience by making tasks easier and quicker and many times, more enjoyable.

So why am I only talking about Google Chrome Extensions in this blog post? Well, Google Chrome continues to lead the web browser pack, with a jaw-dropping 74.1% of the market recorded in February of 2017. We can credit this to its snappy performance, minimalist but slick interface, and it’s countless add-ons and extensions. I use Google Chrome exclusively for work, unless i’m browser testing of course. But throughout the years I continue to add newly discovered extensions to my browser toolbar.

Here are 10 of my favorite Google Chrome Extensions for web designers:

1. Google Font Previewer

Google Font Previewer is a Google Chrome extension that lets you choose a font from the Google Font directory and preview how it would look in your current browser window. This is great for making a site-wide font change that’s temporary. Once you find one you like then you can go ahead and grab the new font from Google Fonts and make the permanent update in the CSS file.

2. Google Page Speed Insights

Interested in learning about your page insight speed at a click of a button? This Google Chrome extension lets you quickly check the page speed score and also provides you with the link to a more detailed page speed report. This extension can help you dig deeper into your stats to help identify where updates may be needed on your website.

3. Power Thesaurus

Whether it’s writing an email, crafting a blog post or authoring web content. I’m constantly using a thesaurus to improve my vocabulary. So, instead of googling thesaurus and the word i’d like to change, I just highlight the word I want to replace and Power Thesaurus gives me a list of synonyms and antonyms right within the same window. This Google Chrome extension saves me a ton of time on writing projects, helping me meet deadlines.

4. Grammarly

I am far from being an English major. My spelling is ok, and gets better each project, and my punctuation is hit or miss. So this Google Chrome extension has really been a life-saver for me. Not only does it tell you when you need punctuation but it also spell-checks along the way. There have been so many times when I’m using an online tool that does not have built-in spell check, and Grammarly has saved me from publishing an error. The tool even sends you weekly insights about your writing. I feel better knowing that I now have a second set of eyes editing my emails, blogs posts, and website content.

5. What Font

The Google Chrome extension What Font tells you just that. Sure I could easily right click and inspect the page that the font is on, but sometimes the fonts are hidden deep down in multiple styles sheets. I use What Font in those instances or because it’s super simple. To use What Font you simply toggle the extension on and hover over text. Then a small tooltip will appear with the font name.

6. Full Page Screen Capture

Full-page screen capture is great Google Chrome extension for when you need to take a full-page screenshot of your current browser window. I use this almost every day for sending screenshots to clients, pulling screenshots into Photoshop to make web design tweaks, placing screenshots into objects for internet marketing purposes and so much more.

7. Window Resizer

Window resizer is particularly useful for web designers and developers because this Google Chrome extension re-sizes the browser’s window in order to emulate various resolutions. This plugin is essential for helping me find the exact breakpoints for my responsive design. Ensuring that your web design is seamlessly responsive continues to be important as new devices and device sizes are launched each year.

8. ColorZilla

ColorZilla is an advanced eyedropper, color picker, and color analyzer. I typically use this Google Chrome extension when I’m trying to find a specific color within an image. It saves me so much time because I don’t have to save the image to my desktop and pull it open in Photoshop just to figure out the color. This extension is great for helping me create web design projects that coordinate perfectly with images i’ve chosen.

9. Dimension

Dimension is a great Google Chrome Extension for quickly determining the dimensions of an object. This extension measures the dimensions from your mouse pointer from both up and down dimensions and left and right dimensions. Using this extension I can easily find dimensions of various objects and images throughout a website to ensure everything is consistent.

10. Corporate Ipsum

Need filler text for your web design project but want something better than Lorem Ipsum? Well, Corporate Ipsum is just that. Using this Google Chrome extension, you can quickly generate filler text and know exactly how many characters you are copying over. This is a great tool for creating more complete mockups that give a better idea about what your website design will look like once content is finished.

Google Chrome extensions are an essential part of my daily web design work. They help me be much more efficient and save me a ton of time. Do you have a favorite Google Chrome Extension? Share it in the comments below!

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