Web Design

We work with organizations who are serious about taking their online marketing to the next level. Our Michigan-based web design team includes experts in design trends, user experience, and digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing

Our innovative digital marketers are driven by the success of our clients. From strategy and execution to reporting and improving, we never take our eyes off your business goals and never stop working to get you there.

Web Applications

We work with organizations to improve processes, track data and solve problems through custom web development. With these projects, it’s usually easy to see the ROI and time saved when the end product goes live.

Mobile Applications

Our mobile app developers are experienced in the creation of iPhone and Android apps as well as mobile-friendly web applications. We’ll work with you to outline options and recommend the best approach for your project.

About Our Web Design, Development, & Marketing Teams in Lansing, Michigan

Web Ascender is the talent, diversity, and dedication you need, without the payroll. We function as an extension of your team in all things digital, forming long-term relationships that allow us to know your industry and your business, while executing what no single team member could. From design and user experience, to content and digital strategy, to custom development and server administration, we have the experts under one roof.

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What makes Web Ascender a different kind of digital agency?

Care About Your Success

We can do anything, but we don’t necessarily do everything. We aren’t focused on making the sale; we will happily suggest someone who can help you if the project isn’t a mutual fit.

An Extension of Your Team

We’re more than a web design company located in Lansing, Michigan. We’re the talent, diversity and dedication you need, without the payroll. We function as an extension of your team in all things digital, from digital marketing strategy to custom app development.

No Offshore or Outsourcing

We work as an extension of your team, which means we’ll be available when you need us with the right people – who work directly beside us each and every day.

Never Fail

Success is not optional. We have seen it all, done it all, and put proven processes in place to prevent fires before they start. We will always find a way to get the job done.

Experts at Becoming Experts

No matter what your business is, we’ll wrap our heads around it to effectively market your organization, drive new business, or provide valuable digital services.

Practice What We Preach

To become the best digital marketing agency, our Michigan-based marketing team tests innovative technologies using Web Ascender’s own lead generation process. We fuel sales for our clients using the same methods that have worked for us.

What the Web Ascenders have to say…

We work hard every day to help our customers get bigger and better.  We care about the people we partner with, because when they win, we win too.


High-quality e-books, videos, and educational resources to help you along your digital marketing, app development, or startup journey.


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We help our current and future customers by providing easy-to-read posts on industry trends and what’s next.

We create digital experiences that help qualified leads find, engage with, and buy from you.

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