Could your design, marketing, or development team benefit from getting help from one of our experts?  Using Web Ascender for on-site or remote team training is a great way to get started with something new very quickly. With many years of experience working with these technologies and processes, we can get your team working effectively and efficiently in a short period of time.

DNN Development

DotNetNuke Training

Many of Web Ascender’s team members have been working with the DotNetNuke content management system since 2003. Our team has extensive knowledge in:

  • Creating DotNetNuke Skins
  • Developing Custom Modules with DotNetNuke
  • Building Websites with DotNetNuke
  • DotNetNuke Installation and Upgrades
  • DotNetNuke Administration and more

We can train beginners as well as seasoned developers on how DotNetNuke works and how to best use it within your organization. Our team has years of DNN design and skinning experience and has written hundreds of custom DNN modules. Web Ascender can use these experiences to quickly get your staff up to speed on this exceptional CMS.

ASP.NET MVC Training


ASP.NET MVC is a great addition to the Microsoft web technologies family. We’ll be honest, we enjoy web frameworks like Python / Django and Ruby / Rails. Once you are familiar with the conventions and how to perform everyday tasks, you will learn to love the simplicity of the MVC paradigm. Our team has built large and small systems with ASP.NET MVC. If your team is thinking of doing your next project with ASP.NET MVC rather than Web Forms, we can help you with this process.

AdWords Reporting

Internet Marketing Training

If you have a marketing or web team that needs to get up to speed on internet marketing, our team at Web Ascender can expedite that process. We stay on top of the latest strategies for achieving optimal search engine positions and converting visitors into buyers.

We do offer internet marketing services; however, there are activities your company can do on your own each month to perform better in search engines. Our training covers strategies such as:

  • On page search engine optimization
  • Content strategies and keyword density
  • Link building and content marketing
  • Managing pay-per-click campaigns
  • And more


HTML, CSS & JavaScript Training

HTML, CSS & JavaScript Training

If your company's web staff needs a little injection of the latest web technologies, our team can provide it. Often times, it's hard for an internal web team to do their existing work as well as research how they should be using new technology that is coming out. As a consulting company, we are working with many companies and many projects, having to leverage what works and what we can use in the future to save time and money. We can often knock the cobwebs off of existing personnel and get them up to speed with the latest web technologies.

Mobile Development Training

Have an existing programming or web development team and want to get them involved with mobile development? Web Ascender can work with your company to get your team whipping out iPhone, iPad, and Android applications in no time at all. It’s important that your team is already proficient in some programming language. This training is specifically about getting started with mobile, and definitely not the fundamentals of programming.

Adobe Photoshop Training

Adobe Photoshop Training

Have a designer that is a great asset to your team, but not really cutting it when it comes to kicking out brilliant designs? Well, we're here to tell you that good design can always be learned. Building effective, aesthetically sound interfaces is not about ‘creativity.’ It’s about knowing what looks good, understanding web usability, and knowing how to use the tools you have. Web Ascender can train an existing print designer or a seasoned web designer on how to consistently improve by understanding what works and why.