Our Mobile Application Strategy

At Web Ascender, we focus primarily on designing and developing mobile applications for iPhone, iPad (iOS) and Android devices. However, members of our team got their start in mobile development over a decade ago with the first PDAs, Windows handheld devices and Blackberry phones. Web Ascender has developed mobile applications that are used in hospitals, the board room and the living room. We work with Fortune 500 companies as well as individual entrepreneurs to help define their needs and build effective mobile solutions to change the world.

Goals for Mobile Applications

Defining Your Goals

When establishing a mobile strategy, it is important to know your overall objectives. Web Ascender will work with you to outline exactly what you are looking to accomplish with your mobile application and how we can help you achieve those goals. During this process, we’ll discuss who will be using your application, how they will use it and possible devices it will be used on. This will ensure the final product aligns with your priorities and meets your needs.

Mobile Development Platforms

Deciding on a Platform

After we understand what you are trying to accomplish, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different device and platform options. Web Ascender will walk you through what can be accomplished with web technology and if it will align with your goals. We will also help you to decide which mobile platforms you want to focus on and in what order.

Sometimes targeting both iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android is the right route to go. Other times there are features or necessary requirements that may make one platform more advantageous than the other, or perhaps you can’t even achieve some of your goals on a specific platform. We will help you navigate these complicated waters and work to educate you as needed to help you make intelligent decisions regarding your business’ mobile strategy.

Mobile App Wireframes

Wireframes & Creative

A lot of the mobile development process is similar to our other project processes. After working with you to define your goals and learning about your audience, we start to sketch out how your mobile application will actually work and behave. These sketches often end up as simple black and white sketches that outline core functionality and needs. We work collaboratively to improve this through multiple iterations before finalizing an initial scope of work. Once we are completed with the basic wireframes, our talented designers will work to make your application beautiful and ensure that it properly represents your brand and image.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Development

Our team uses a variety of mobile development frameworks. Depending on your overall goals and the platform decisions we have made together, we may build your application as a native iPhone application, native Android application or possibly use an intermediate framework like Appcelerator, allowing us to cost effectively target both platforms. Due to the variety of devices and mobile accessibility needs, there is usually no single mobile strategy that works for everyone. Web Ascender will assist you with making the best strategic decisions and our internal mobile development team will build you a high quality, well performing product.

It’s rare that we build a standalone mobile application. Often times our applications also have a web component associated with them. Many of our mobile applications allow our customers to manage data through a web interface which can update areas of their mobile application. Sometimes the mobile application will interact with data that needs to be moved to and from an internal system. Web Ascender has a lot of experience integrating with different web and software systems to securely move critical application data to and from devices.

Mobile App Development Services

Bridgestone iPad Application DeveloperiPhone / iPad Development

Offering an iPhone application for your website, product, or service is a great way to market and connect with new prospects. A mobile app can allow them to use your services wherever they are, even if they don’t have internet or wireless access. The Apple platform is ideal for creating intuitive interfaces and beautiful applications. When most people think ‘mobile app development’, they are thinking about Apple’s iPhone and iPad.


Android App DevelopmentAndroid Application Development

The Google Android platform is the fastest growing mobile platform, and is available on a variety of networks and carriers. These devices are powerful, affordable and easy to find. Although the phones and devices are extremely popular, the Android 'app' market is still smaller than iPhone and iPad.  Therefore, our Michigan mobile app development team typically develops applications for the iPhone/iPad first and then follows that up with a version designed for Android.


Windows Phone App DevelopmentWindows Mobile Development

The Windows phone market has been eclipsed by Apple and Google in recent years, but the Microsoft mobile platform is still growing and thriving, including the recent launch of Windows 8 OS. The Windows Mobile operating system can be run on a variety of devices, not just phones. Our Michigan mobile app development team has developed custom applications for Windows Mobile devices including an application that runs critical sterilization machines within hospitals. The mobile app we developed controls the sterilization machine, reports back key performance metrics, and synchronizes with a central database to schedule the next cleaning.


Responsive WebsitesMobile Formatted Web Pages

Even though the latest mobile devices and phones have a fully capable web browser, it is often beneficial to make web pages formatted specifically for mobile devices. Facebook, YouTube, and many of the large online applications create a custom web experience for each type of mobile device. This gives the computer user who has a large monitor a different experience then someone who is using a 3-inch screen. This often creates an atmosphere where the mobile visitor can be just as effective using the website as they would be at their Desktop or Laptop computer. Learn more about Responsive Web Design »

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