At Web Ascender, we use DotNetNuke to build over 90% of the websites we create. Our DNN module development team has created countless custom DotNetNuke modules over the years. We have done DNN module development for projects we are working on as well as one off DNN module development for other companies who need to solve a specific problem.

Kevin and Ryan DNN Custom Module Programmers

Web Ascender team members Ryan Doom and Kevin Southworth have both been working with DotNetNuke and DNN module development for over 10 years. Ryan and Kevin are both Michigan State University Computer Science graduates and Microsoft Certified Application Developers. As a company we became Microsoft Gold Certified in 2009 and have three ASP .NET / DNN module development experts on staff.

DNN Module Development Examples

Our DNN module development team has created some pretty cool DotNetNuke modules over the years. Check out some examples of our DNN module development creations below.

Custom Location FinderCustom Location Finder

Web Ascender's DNN custom module programmers implemented a custom DotNetNuke module to do a dentist lookup based on geographical area and specialty. This enables a user to enter in their zip code and find all of the relevant dentists near them. Web Ascender's DNN programmers built a custom module where the MDA can upload their 2,000+ dentists and our system then geocodes each address using the Google Maps API. We can then do a proximity search once the user enters in their address or zip based on our geocoded Latitude and Longitudes.

Cubic DNN module developmentQuestion and Answers Module

One of our long time clients, Cubic, needed a custom module with specific workflow for their Intranet. Employees needed to ask questions on the website which would then get emailed to the web administrators. The web administrators could click a link in the email and quickly respond to the question. At this time they could also decide whether they wanted the question and answer to be shown to other employees. This has allowed Cubic to create a very effective FAQ and Knowledgebase within their Intranet site..

Ecommerce SolutionsDNN eCommerce Solutions

Web Ascender has provided many custom DotNetNuke eCommerce solutions for companies over the years. We have created simple payment forms that charge credit cards through PayPal and Authorize .NET to full fledged eCommerce systems with shopping carts, promotion codes, and more.

Cubic DNN module developmentDNN Real Estate Modules

Web Ascender has been providing custom real estate modules since 2007. We have a suite of modules that connect with the MLS database and copy down photos and property information. Users can then search for properties, submit contact inquiries, save properties they like, and more.

Website RedesignsGolden Dental Plan - Find a Dentist

Web Ascender worked with Golden Dental Plans to provide 3 custom DotNetNuke modules. The first module was a module that provided a dentist search on their website. This module needed to integrate with an internal Oracle database to query their dentists and display the results. Our second module was another DNN module that was for dentists to use to query internal Oracle data through the website. We also built a custom DNN module that allows visitors of the website to go through a step by step process to purchase dental insurance directly on the website. This module used Authorize .Net for payment processing and saves all of the registration data in the DotNetNuke database and also adds it to their internal Oracle database.

Problem Solving with Existing Modules

DotNetNuke Module Developers

Since our team of DNN custom module programmers has been working with DotNetNuke for a decade we are very familiar with existing modules and how they can be leveraged. If you have a unique problem there is a possibility it can be solved by using existing modules and configuring them for your situation.

Modules exist to collect custom information, to query custom information from other databases, to send emails, to build workflow and more. Get in touch with us regarding your custom DNN module needs and we can see if we can devise a solution for you.