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Memo is a website and mobile application to help elders with dementia and alzheimers live a better life. The web application is created with Ruby on Rails and allows children or caregivers of an elder to sign up for a free trial. They can try Memo out through the website and update the elders medicine schedule and calendar, add photos for them to see, set up emergency contact numbers, and more. If the caregiver wants to continue using the system they can subscribe via a monthly credit card charge.

The mobile application is available for iPhone and Android. The mobile application is designed to sit on a coffee table or near the elders favorite chair for easy accessibility, allowing them to see notifications easily. With a press of a button the elder can look at photos of their family or send a text to their caregiver requesting they call them.

Memo has been in business for a couple of years, but Web Ascender was used in 2011 to redesign their website and in 2012 to rebuild their web and mobile application.