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Prima Civitas is an amazing organization in East Lansing that focuses on boosting Michigan’s economy and the success of Michigan businesses. Their explanation is much longer and has great buzz words in it; but between you and me, that’s what they do. And, they are really good at it! They are currently working on a multi-billion dollar deal for Michigan engineering companies to consult with Iraq to build hundreds of thousands of homes.

Anyways, enough about their awesomeness. Web Ascender worked with PCF to completely re-work their website from the ground up and train them to maintain it in the future. After building their primary website we worked with PCF on building a handful of others for specific projects.

Plus, they invited Ryan Doom, the President of Web Ascender who had just won Lansing Michigan’s 10 over the next 10 to be one of the guests on their first That Michigan Show.

Prima Civitas Foundation

Prima Civitas Foundation

Prima Civitas Foundation

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