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At Web Ascender we love two things: working with Ruby on Rails and Entrepreneurs. Ok, we love a lot more things than that, but those two are really great! We had the opportunity to work with a Michigan entrepreneur who had a vision for changing how event conferences and sessions were organized and run. The existing systems for running events and conferences are old, crusty, and expensive. He wanted a way for companies to be able to create accounts, use some of the basic critical features for free and then upgrade if they needed some of the more advanced features.

Messageblocks.com allows companies to:

  • Create accounts and manage their monthly subscriptions. It charges them automatically every month!
  • Invite other people in their organization to join and and collaborate on events
  • Have all users to create events on the website
  • Schedule events over multiple days / have many sessions each day
  • Easily enter in presenter information, upload documents, and even make surveys for people to fill out after attending a session!
  • Messageblocks even allows people to RSVP and sign-up for the event

It’s pretty awesome, I would strongly suggest you check it out the next time you need to organize an event. If you don’t feel like checking it out first hand, take a look at our video overview!

Message Blocks