You don’t have to be a millionaire to come up with an idea and work with a web developer to implement it. You just have to have some friends! Web Ascender worked with a great group of longtime friends to implement their vision of a website where you can anonymously rate and give feedback to others. FYIscore was designed to rate your co-worker, a friend, a new vendor you just met, even your mother-in-law. The feedback comes to the recipient in an email with a link that will take them to FYIscore where they can log-in and can see how they scored. This system is designed to be constructive and intentionally only gives you specific questions and choices to choose from.

FYIscore also boasts a really cool questionnaire / survey system that lets you get feedback from others. Create a specific questionnaire about how you are performing at work, for clients to fill out after you finish a project for them, how your new haircut looks, or even what the office feels like ordering for lunch.

Update: January 1st 2013 - has been closed.