Boast App


Boast is a mobile application that we designed to solve a problem that many of our clients have faced - collecting customer testimonials. If you do your job well, finding people who are willing to give your product a shout out or recommend your services isn’t difficult. But when it comes to using that praise to grow your business, there has never been a convenient way of collecting quality testimonials and displaying them for prospects to enjoy, until now.

Boast makes collecting video testimonials easy for customers and for businesses. You create a Boast account for your organization and share your campaign key with clients or customers. They download the app, enter the key you provided, and shoot a quick video testimonial. The clip is then uploaded to your account where you can approve it before displaying it on your website using a simple copy and paste embed code.

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DNN Spot

Web Ascender has been working with DotNetNuke CMS for a very long time. During this time we have created hundreds of custom DNN modules.  We decided to create DNNspot to share modules that would benefit other individuals and companies.

File Ascender

File Ascender

It seems like our team is always sending files to clients and our clients are sending files to us, but we have never had a process for organizing them all in one place, especially files that are too large to send via email. We were able to solve the problem by launching a file sending and receiving application of our own: File Ascender.

File Ascender lets you send and receive files, see who has viewed files you have sent, upload public and private files, and more.

Mailchimp Post

Mailchimp Post

Mailchimp Post is a developer's web service that provides an easy way for content management systems and other basic "silent post" systems to add emails to Mailchimp. There are many systems that can do silent post to another system after a transaction happens. Like most systems Mailchimp has a very specific API for sending emails and customer data to their system. Mailchimp Post makes it easy, just use POST or GET to this website and it will add the email to your list. is a simple service we put together that will convert your PDFs into easy to browse online Flipbooks.  It's simple and free to use, just make an account and then upload a PDF. The initial process will take a few minutes, but once it's done you can include a link on your website to your new Flipbook.  Your website visitors can now browse your PDFs in style.  

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