14 Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

Last month, Matt wrote a great post on just about every web design trend you are likely to see in the new year. As a follow up, I’d like to discuss my outlook on digital marketing trends for 2014. While a beautiful and innovative website design...

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Wordpress Form Building Made Easy - Contact Form 7

Wordpress is a fantastic CMS for many reasons, but one of its biggest advantages is in its large developer community. Chances are good that if you’re looking to add additional functionality to your site there’s probably a free plugin alre...

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Typography Basics: Pairing Fonts for the Web

The look and feel of a typeface can sometimes communicate a message to someone just as much as the words and sentences they spell out. This makes choosing the right font important when it comes to selecting fonts for any design, web or print. It&rsqu...

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Client Feature: Wolverine Human Services

At Web Ascender, we have the pleasure of working with a wide range of organizations, from small startups and local non-profits to Fortune 500 and publicly owned companies. While the reasons we love working with our clients are as diverse as our clien...

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Design Inspiration: Sticky Menus

As we mentioned before, long webpages and scrolling has continued to be a popular trend. But with any new trend there is always room for improvement. Navigation is the most critical element in every web design and long scrollable websites are hinder...

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14 Website Trends for 2014

As the web continues to mold and evolve, new design trends, techniques, and ideas are constantly surfacing. Analyzing your site’s design, content, and features from time to time can help you to be sure that your site is effective and reaching v...

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Typography Basics: Sans Serif Type

Recently, we took a look at the history of serif type and how it’s currently being used in print and web. Today, we’re going to examine serif’s counterpart – the sans serif. If serifs are the small strokes attached at the end ...

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How to Setup Kiosk Mode & Lock Your iPad to Just One App

Apple’s iPad Tablets are perfect devices for showcasing your product or service offerings in a fun and interactive manner to prospective customers. It can be integrated into your conference booth display or mounted in a kiosk in your office en...

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Design Inspiration: Parallax scrolling

At one point in time, it was important to keep all website content above the fold. If it didn’t fit on the screen then it went to a new page. But with any trend, eventually it drowns and new trends emerge. Now, designers are not afraid of long...

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Typography Basics: Serif Type

Today I’m excited to announce Web Ascender is starting a mini-series examining the fundamentals of type. We’ll take a look at the need-to-know basics, terminology, and best practices when it comes to using type both in print and web. We&r...

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