8 Chrome Extensions for Better Online Marketing & SEO

Do you manage the online marketing efforts for your business? Here are some chrome extensions that will help you manage your presence, improve your SEO and just make your life easier.

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Nitrous.io Review: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

About a week and a half ago, the Macbook I was using for development died. Apparently I had a faulty logic board that needed to be replaced, leaving me without a laptop for a week. The fear of being rendered completely useless was eradicated once I w...

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Easy Ways to Support a Healthier Lifestyle at the Office

Do you work long hours sitting at a desk during the week? Here are a couple of great ways our team has discovered to stay healthy and active even while you're in the office.

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Long Tail Keywords: Secret Formula to a Lucrative Inbound Marketing Strategy

Getting a website ranked at the top of a search engine results page is way easier said than done. Apart from paying for ads, having a sound inbound marketing strategy that focuses on optimizing your website content with long tail keywords is one of the easiest and more proactive ways to draw your most qualified website traffic (on a budget).  Discover how to put this in action for your business.

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Understanding Color Schemes & Choosing Colors for Your Website

Choosing an effective color scheme for your business website can be a difficult decision. However, by learning the basics of color theory and experimenting with color tools available on the web, you’ll be able to choose harmonious color schemes and palettes on your very own!

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How to Use Email Marketing to Promote Your Next Webinar

Promotion is important to every event, and webinars are no exclusion. Find out how to use email marketing to get the word out about your next webinar and increase registrations.

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Migrating Your MySQL Database to Amazon RDS

If you manage your own database servers, at some point you've probably thought about moving to "the cloud". Cloud databases provide some nice benefits when compared to traditional bare-metal servers for many reasons (find out here).

However, there are a variety of providers out there, but one option you should consider is Amazon's cloud database service, named Amazon RDS. Find out how to migrate your MySQL Database to Amazon RDS in this tutorial.

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Create Custom Fields In WordPress

In my previous blog post we took a look at creating a custom post type in WordPress. Easy, right? Now, let’s look at how we can quickly extend the functionality of the post type by creating custom fields.

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Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers and Web Developers

As web designers and developers, we're always looking for the best tools and inspiration for our next project. That's why we've put together a list of the top chrome extensions to help get tasks done quicker, to inspire us and so much more. Find out what our top 10 chrome extensions are for web designers and developers.

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Inbound Marketing Software: Which Platform is Right for My Business

Have you heard of inbound marketing? By now you surely must have, and you probably have an idea of how it works. Maybe you've even decided to start implementing inbound marketing for your business. Even with an understanding of what inbound marketing is and how it works, it can be overwhelming to create and execute an inbound marketing strategy. This is where inbound marketing software comes in, providing a platform, system, and analytics to simplify the processes involved in an inbound marketing plan.

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