Protecting Your Business Name, Logo & Product Ideas

It can be tricky to figure out the best way to protect your business name, logo, products or service offerings when you are launching a new business.  To help, I've outlined the three common ways to protect your business' valuable, intellectual property...

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Ruby on Rails for Rookies

Ruby on Rails is great for quickly developing secure and bug-free web applications and is one of our team favorites to work with. If you're just getting started working with Ruby on Rails, here is the most basic information you'll need to know. 

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How to Add Navigation Descriptions for the WordPress Custom Menu Widget

Turn a boring and repetitive website menu into a dynamic, storytelling index by using WordPress' Custom Menu Widget. Trust me, it's worth it...

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CoffeeBot - Fun Coffee Brewing Notifications With RaspberryPi

We love coffee here at Web Ascender, and I mean we LOVE IT. We typically consume 3 - 4 pots in a morning, so the path into the break room is well-traveled! We all take turns making coffee when it runs dry, but for a few weeks straight I just couldn&...

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How to Advertise Your Business on YouTube (Tutorial)

YouTube advertising is an effective method to show your creativity in advertising. Another bonus: you are only charged when viewers view your video. Follow the below steps to quickly get your YouTube advertising campaign up and running.  AdWord...

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5 Online Marketing Trends That Will Generate Leads in 2016

Marketing is a dynamic practice, changing virtually every day as consumer's thoughts, needs and habits evolve. As we approach the new year, we will be seeing some online marketing practices make a comeback as well as new ones make a debut. For most m...

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8 Productivity & Organization Apps Essential for All Businesses

It can be tough to keep all your documents, images, meetings, notes and more organized on any given day. Trust me, we know! But it can be easier, especially with these 8 (mostly free!) apps. Find out which ones we're using...

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Tutorial: Using Materialize with Ruby on Rails & Simple Form

Materialize is a CSS framework built around Google’s Material Design principles. In general, I would describe material design as being very focused with a kind of minimalist aesthetic. Components feel sharp and generally stand out in a subtle y...

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8 Chrome Extensions for Better Online Marketing & SEO

Do you manage the online marketing efforts for your business? Here are some chrome extensions that will help you manage your presence, improve your SEO and just make your life easier.

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About a week and a half ago, the Macbook I was using for development died. Apparently I had a faulty logic board that needed to be replaced, leaving me without a laptop for a week. The fear of being rendered completely useless was eradicated once I w...

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