Create Custom Fields In WordPress

In my previous blog post we took a look at creating a custom post type in WordPress. Easy, right? Now, let’s look at how we can quickly extend the functionality of the post type by creating custom fields.

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Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers and Web Developers

As web designers and developers, we're always looking for the best tools and inspiration for our next project. That's why we've put together a list of the top chrome extensions to help get tasks done quicker, to inspire us and so much more. Find out what our top 10 chrome extensions are for web designers and developers.

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Inbound Marketing Software: Which Platform is Right for My Business

Have you heard of inbound marketing? By now you surely must have, and you probably have an idea of how it works. Maybe you've even decided to start implementing inbound marketing for your business. Even with an understanding of what inbound marketing is and how it works, it can be overwhelming to create and execute an inbound marketing strategy. This is where inbound marketing software comes in, providing a platform, system, and analytics to simplify the processes involved in an inbound marketing plan.

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What "Share a Coke" Can Teach Us About Smart Online Marketing

Coca Cola’s latest “Share a Coke” campaign is and will continue to be one of the most wildly successful, consumer-driven campaigns of our times. By personalizing the cans with the most popular names, this campaign created natural brand ambassadors and skyrocketed sales. Want to know and replicate the secret to their success for your business? It's all in the name...

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Create A Custom Post Type In WordPress

You might think that you're limited to creating only pages and posts within WordPress. That's an incorrect assumption. What if I told you, you could unlock the true potential of WordPress and create any kind of content type you would like. Sounds exc...

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Communicate Project Updates Quickly with MicroCasts (Short Screencasts)

It can take many weeks (or months) to design, develop, and deliver a web or mobile application. We don’t want our clients to feel like they’re in the dark during this process, so we keep the lines of communication open with (at least) we...

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How To Use Google Hangouts On Air for Your Next Webinar

Webinars are a great way to engage your audience by fostering interaction and learning and by offering exclusive information and resources, and Google Hangouts On Air offers a high quality and free platform to host them on. To help you get started, we've put together a complete, easy-to-follow guide to setting up your first webinar using Google Hangouts On Air.

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How to Maximize the Reach of Your Content Marketing

Content creation and promotion is an essential part to every effective online marketing strategy. You truly cannot have one without the other in order to reach your target audience in the most efficient (and cheapest) way possible. For some, creating...

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How to Use Channel Partners to Market your Software Product

While channel partners do not necessarily create an automatic demand, using them to market your software product offers numerous benefits, including a powerful ability to drive growth, when done right. That's why we've outlined a few key things to focus on in order to successfully use channel partners to market your software product.

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Debunking Common Website Myths to Engage Users & Increase Conversions

  With the evolution of the web and extensive research on user behavior comes a better understanding of visitor interaction on websites. Web practices that were once considered standard have been uprooted by new processes that are proven to eng...

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