Why You Shouldn't Use Stock Photos on Your Business Website

Let's be honest, you can most likely find a stock photo of some kind on every website out there today. These are the photos that are taken by professional photographers and contain professional models. The problem with these is that they rarely conve...

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2014 Final Four of Online Marketing

Just like this years nail-biting March Madness tournament, I've seen a few surprises and underdogs make their way up the scale of importance for online marketing. As always, "components" such as onsite optimization, PCC advertising, inbound mark...

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Better Email Marketing With Email Drip Campaigns

When you subscribe to a service or create an account on a website, you expect to receive a notification that your account has been created or your submission received. You also would expect to receive a word or two about what your next steps are or w...

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Wordpress Plugin: WYSIWYG Editor

WordPress provides a handful of great out-of-the-box widgets for you to use on your website. These widgets allow you to add new features and content directly into any available sidebar, giving you more power to create a unique, custom look. If you&r...

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Setting up Jenkins for GitHub, Rails & Rspec

During the development process, it is important to run your web application's test suite often to avoid any unforeseen issues and to make sure that everything is running smoothly. However, it can be hard to always remember to run the tests ...

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So You Launched a Website, Now What? Part 2

Step one after launching your website is keeping your design, content and features up to date. Step two is making sure that your website stays "healthy." As technology and users become more advanced, it is crucial to routinely upgrade your website to...

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What We Can Learn From Arby's Logo History

Re-branding can be an intimidating process for major businesses that have an established consumer base, especially when those changes involve updates to a company’s logo. Despite the risk of distancing loyal customers, many major companies...

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5 Best Websites for Design Inspiration

Like a lot of designers, I sometimes struggle to find inspiration for new projects. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools out there to help designers get inspired. Finding the right go-to site can sometime be a challenge, so I've put together a list ...

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Client Feature: Michigan Virtual University

At Web Ascender, we are privileged to work with a wide range of industries including government, education, service, nonprofits and more. However, we find that there is not much more rewarding than working with a client that has a passion and mission...

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Photoshop: Tips and tricks for working with images that are too small

Finding the perfect image to use for a blog post, newsletter, website design or flyer can pose it's challenges, especially when the images you want to use are too small for your design. Here I've put together some simple tricks you can use to make yo...

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