How to Get More Subscribers to Your Business Blog

So you started your business blog. And you did everything right - consistently blogging, SEO of your blog posts, promoting your content. But you still don’t have a subscriber base. Where have you gone wrong??? Just like everything e...

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How Blogging Increased Dater Dentistry's Organic Traffic By 600%

If you’re familiar with our previous blog posts, you’ve heard us mention a time or two (or a million times) the importance of businesses blogging on their websites to not only increase the amount of traffic coming to their site, but also ...

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3 Key Ways to Promote Your Company Blog

So your company has a killer blog, but how are you going to get people to read it? You did your due diligence getting your blog all set up, and now it’s time to promote it. In addition to writing great content, it is essential that you promote your blog to help your audience find you. Whether you are just launching a brand new blog or looking to up your promo game, I’ve highlighted the top 3 ways you can promote your blog: using social media, your company website, and offline in the real world.

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How Often to Blog and Why It Matters

Every blogger is always trying to figure out the perfect formula for how often to blog, and the pay-off from the effort of each published blog post. Unfortunately, the answer is going to be different for every blogger. Factors include what the indust...

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Rails, ElasticSearch & SearchKick in Depth

In an earlier post we introduced elasticsearch, the searchkick gem  and how to use them in Rails. In this post we will consider more complex searches and examine the options available to us in both searchkick and elasticsearch. Elasticsearc...

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SEO for Wordpress

Improving the SEO of your Wordpress site can be a detailed and daunting task. But with a few tips, plugins, and tricks, you can quickly become a master of SEO for Wordpress. SEO for Wordpress: Getting Started Set each page to have a specific keyw...

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13 Easy Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Maybe you've been blogging a while but aren't sure why you aren't getting the traffic that everyone claims you should. Or maybe you're just starting out, and you want to make sure that you start off on the right foot. Well here are 13 things you can ...

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How Does Blogging Affect Business?

Blogging is a key component of any inbound marketing strategy. It’s a driver of organic traffic, which leads to more conversions and new customers for your business. But how exactly does blogging affect your business? That’s what we&rsquo...

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Web Ascender Honored as One of Michigan 50 Companies to Watch in 2016

Here at Web Ascender, we’re celebrating our team and our clients this April! We were recently selected as one of the 2016 “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch,” and we could not be more thrilled with this opportunity to thank everyone wh...

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How to Start a Business Blog

When it comes to blogs, we’ve been seeing explosive growth rates. It makes sense; blogs are an incredibly effective marketing tool for generating sales leads and web traffic, especially when used properly. Many businesses are capitalizing on the advantages and benefits offered in maintaining a business blog, and you should too. 

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