A lot of great content is created in Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, PageMaker and other publishing platforms and then converted into PDFs. Some of our clients have hundreds of PDFs that they want to link and have available on their website. The p...

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Google Plus for Business: Why You Need a Google Plus Presence

By now you’ve probably heard quite a bit of buzz around Google Plus or maybe even dabbled in it a bit by creating a Google Plus profile. But if you haven’t really gotten the hang of it or thought about diving in, you’re definitely n...

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6 Free Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Your Website

There are millions of WordPress plugins for just about every function and need out there. But how do you know which ones are the best? I struggled with this question when I first started building WordPress websites. I wanted plugins that worked not o...

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Testing Rails 4 Apps With RSpec 3: Part I

In this two-part series, I'll cover testing a Rails application—from how to get set up with the latest toolchain to writing those first tests. While it can be tricky to get everything playing nicely together, a solid test suite can be lifesaver...

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5 (Free) Beautiful Mobile-Friendly Image Sliders

There is nothing new about website image sliders but the way you interact with them has changed dramatically. A typical image slider usually includes a few basic controls, automatic slide transitions and the ability to cycle through slides via a page...

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Google Analytics: Campaign vs Event Tracking

Over the last few years, tracking online visitors has become a necessity for anyone with a website. Analyzing statistics about content, traffic and marketing strategies has become a requirement to correctly evaluate whether the website is effectively...

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How to Design Websites for a Target Audience

When you’re writing a paper or article, it’s important to remember that you are writing to an audience. Whether it is a generalized group of people or a particular individual, you are always writing to someone or something. The same pract...

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When to Build a Web Application vs. a Mobile Application

Web Ascender is approached by local and international businesses to help them improve business processes and implement solutions to generate revenue.  Our team has created a lot of mobile friendly web applications and actual native mobile applic...

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8 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate & Win New Customers [Infographic]

Businesses work hard enough to get people to land on their websites, but that's really only half the battle. Keeping them there and getting them to take specific actions are all part of the successful equation. I've laid out 8 ways to reduce bounce r...

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How to Customize Your WordPress Login Screen

Attention all WordPress administrators! Today’s blog post is dedicated to you. If you’ve ever logged into your WordPress site before (and hopefully you have many times!) you’re presented with a page that looks like this: What ...

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