Is SEO Dead in 2016?

For as long as Search Engine Optimization has existed, people have constantly come up with ways to manipulate search engines in their favor. In the beginning of SEO, Google was prone to manipulations by websites, like buying more backlinks or stuffin...

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Rails and React: Forms, Validations and Real-time Updates

Over the last few years technologies and frameworks built around 'real time' web applications have become incredibly popular. Javascript libraries and frameworks such as Angular, React, Ember, Meteor and ExtJS are some of the better known examples. In this post we will look at how to use and implement the React javascript library in Rails via the 'react-rails' gem.

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Create Your Own Print Stylesheets

Why write a blog post about print stylesheets? Good question! This day in age it seems like most folks just save content to their tablet or mobile phone for later viewing.  The question you, the site builder, need to ask is “What percentag...

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20 Marketing Automation Statistics That'll Blow You Away

Companies in a wide variety of industries have been rapidly changing their outlook on the relationship between marketing and sales. Traditional sales efforts, like outbound cold calls, are no longer as effective as they used to be. Instead companies ...

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The Difference Between Marketing Automation and Sales Automation

To understand the difference between marketing automation and sales automation, you first have to consider the differences between marketing communications and sales communications. Each has different methods, purposes, and disciplines, but they both...

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How to Set-Up Your First Lead Nurturing Campaign

Just about anyone can get leads online now, but not every knows how to properly engage and nurture those leads to achieve higher business goals such as building trust with new contacts, increasing new business sales, or increasing repeat purchases fr...

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Which Marketing Automation Software is Right for Your Business?

As marketing becomes more digitized, marketing automation software has been becoming more of an essential piece to have for your business. But with so many options available, all with broad prices and features, it’s challenging to know where to...

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Debug Websites Within Your Android Emulator Using Chrome DevTools

I love Chrome's DevTools package. It provides me with the necessary tools to test and fix bugs within my websites and web applications. I don’t own an Android device but in some cases I find bugs directly connected to it’s browser through...

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4 SEO Pitfalls to Avoid When Redesigning Your Site

You have finally made the decision to redesign your website to make it more user-friendly and up-to-date—congrats! It’s an exciting decision, yet nerve-wracking task. Take a look at the four SEO pitfalls to avoid when redesigning your sit...

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How Does Marketing Automation Fit Into My Digital Marketing Strategy?

When I talk to clients about digital marketing strategy, I like to refer to the inbound marketing methodology, because I think it makes it really clear what we need to do and why we need do it. At Web Ascender, anything we do as part of a digital ...

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