Windows 8.1 Virtual Machine Made Easy

Website and web application testing should cover a variety of platforms and browsers. You want your application to run smoothly for your widest audience. If you’re like me, your primary machine is OS X and your browsers of choice are Chrome, Sa...

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Getting to Know Your Shell's Job Control Features

This post is about job control in Unix shells. Job control is your command line shell’s built-in interface for managing multiple jobs. Although I’ve known about and used job control features like & for a long time, I only rec...

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2015 Web Typography Trends to Try with Free Google Fonts

Typography will continue to play a big role in web design in 2015. After all, what good is thoughtful, keyword-focused content if it doesn't look nice? I've collected a list of the latest typography trends that will continue to influence web design t...

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Website Button Trends in Web Design

You might be thinking to yourself, who cares about button trends? But actually, buttons are a big deal and more importantly, the gateway for getting visitors to interact with your website. So keeping up with the trends and creating stylish buttons a...

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How to Write Great Content for Your Website

Writing content for your website can be challenging, especially for those that aren’t used to doing it on a regular basis. However, what you have on each page of your site can make or break the longterm success of your website. To ensure that y...

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The Importance of Checklists in the Workplace

Checklists can decrease accidents and save lives; learn how you can also use them for greatness.

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Setup Android Lollipop Emulator on OS X

Mobile testing is one of the most important requirements when building a website or web application. Gestures, load times, and browser differences can all effect the user experience. In the case of testing with Android, you have two options. You can ...

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How to Move Your Youtube Channel to Another Google+ Page

If your YouTube channel has become separated from your Google+ Page, and you've been racking your brain and Google search results trying to find a solution to the problem that doesn't involve losing the hours you've spent garnering YouTube views or y...

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2014 Web Map Design Examples & Inspiration

Maps are great visual, web design tools that help users get the information they need quickly. Advances in geocoding have made it easy to create beautiful, custom location and geographic specific data maps. Here are some of my favorite exam...

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Photoshop Masking: Clipping vs Layering Masks

About Photoshop Masks So, what are masks anyways?  A mask is a technique that allows you to make very specific portions of an image invisible while showing another object in its place. However, you might be wondering when you would ever need...

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