Client Feature: Michigan Apple Committee

The Michigan Apple Committee (MAC) is a grower-funded nonprofit organization that engages in marketing, research, education and communications to distinguish the Michigan apple industry and apple growers. The mission of this organization is to enhanc...

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Code Spelunking in Rails with Pry

In this article, we’ll look at using Pry, an IRB alternative, in a Rails application. In the LISP world, it’s common to develop the entire program interactively from the REPL (language shell) —writing functions, testing and modifyin...

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HIPAA Compliant Hosting

HIPAA – Technology Rules I must preface this article with the fact that I am not a lawyer or an expert in information security with respect to overall government mandates and compliance.  I have assembled this information from numerous so...

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How the iPhone 6 (or Other Mobile Devices) Might be Affecting Your Website

If you’ve been living under a rock, you won’t know that Apple just recently released a new line of iPhones last week. There’s a plethora of new features, two different phone sizes, and a brand new operating system to go with it (iOS...

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6 Quick Tips for Better PPC Ads and Results

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve hired another company to run your pay-per-click (PPC) ads or if you’ve decided to manage them yourself, the goals are always the same. If you’re looking to simply increase your brand awareness ...

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Photoshop Tutorial: How to Remove the Background on a Detailed Image

This tutorial will show you how to select an element in a photo and remove the background while preserving fine details like hair and feathers. In this example we’ll use a free photo from You can download the same image we&rsquo...

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How to Add Facebook Comments to My Website

*This is an updated version of our previous tutorial on adding Facebook comments to your website.*  Facebook’s social plugin, Comments, allows you to quickly add comments to your website. Users not only have access to basic commenting abi...

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DIY Cheap Work Stand Up Desk

Over the last couple of months, a handful of the staff have been building and using makeshift stand up desks.  They made these from stacks of books, boxes and miscellaneous office supplies. It became obvious that the team was enjoying the stand ...

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The Ice Bucket Challenge: How One Challenge Created Global Awareness

I’m sure it’s not your first time hearing about the Ice Bucket Challenge, a fundraising campaign set out to raise awareness and money for the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association. This trending campaign has literally taken the w...

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Apply for Fall College Internships

Are you in college and looking for a job this fall? Are you Interested in web design or internet marketing and looking to learn more? Well, you’re in luck! Web Ascender is looking to fill several positions in our Internship Program for the Fall...

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