5 Reasons Why Wireframing is Important in Web Design

You may have heard the term "wireframing" at some point in time when talking to a web company about a new design or redesign, but what is wireframing after all? Wireframing allows you to determine the information hierarchy of your design while making...

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Updating Your Logo For 2014

We recently published an article about Arby’s recent logo modifications and the revisions they went through to get to their new 2014 logo. As times change and styles evolve, logo alterations become a necessary step for businesses that want to s...

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What We Can Learn From Arby's Logo History

Re-branding can be an intimidating process for major businesses that have an established consumer base, especially when those changes involve updates to a company’s logo. Despite the risk of distancing loyal customers, many major companies...

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5 Best Websites for Design Inspiration

Like a lot of designers, I sometimes struggle to find inspiration for new projects. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools out there to help designers get inspired. Finding the right go-to site can sometime be a challenge, so I've put together a list ...

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Photoshop: Tips and tricks for working with images that are too small

Finding the perfect image to use for a blog post, newsletter, website design or flyer can pose it's challenges, especially when the images you want to use are too small for your design. Here I've put together some simple tricks you can use to make yo...

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So You Launched a Website, Now What?

Building a website is a huge task, which can often take hundreds of hours dedicated to design, content and development. Once the site launches, the difficult task of keeping the site up-to-date begins. While a bulk of the work may be complete, contin...

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Why Your Website Needs a Responsive Design

A responsive website is the same site, same links, and same content – on every device. The only difference is that it is coded in such a way that it will respond gracefully to whatever size device it is being viewed on. Let’s face it. ...

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The Importance of Creating a Cohesive Branding Experience

It is important to consider the overall brand when starting up a new business or creating a seamless experience for an existing company. Whether customers are visiting your store front, or browsing your website they should recognize it immediately as...

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Typography Basics: Pairing Fonts for the Web

The look and feel of a typeface can sometimes communicate a message to someone just as much as the words and sentences they spell out. This makes choosing the right font important when it comes to selecting fonts for any design, web or print. It&rsqu...

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Design Inspiration: Sticky Menus

As we mentioned before, long webpages and scrolling has continued to be a popular trend. But with any new trend there is always room for improvement. Navigation is the most critical element in every web design and long scrollable websites are hinder...

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