2017 Stock Photography Trends

No matter what you’re designing, using great photography in your work can take any project to the next aesthetic level. Websites, banners, and brochures can always benefit from the use of stunning, carefully selected photos. Although we advocat...

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Create Your Own Print Stylesheets

Why write a blog post about print stylesheets? Good question! This day in age it seems like most folks just save content to their tablet or mobile phone for later viewing.  The question you, the site builder, need to ask is “What percentag...

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CSS Button Tutorial: Simple Steps to Create Click-Worthy Buttons
Many of the sites that you access today incorporate a variety of buttons within its page content. These buttons might be associated with a form, a link, or some other site interaction. Buttons are nothing new but they've come along way since the early days of the world wide web...

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2016 Website Layout Trends

Web design trends are constantly in a state of flux as advancements in browser capabilities continue to evolve and grow. Forward thinking designers spend countless hours developing new ways to display content on the web through various types of grids...

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Brilliant Formatting Tips For Your Business Blog (With Examples)

The format and layout of your blog can mean the difference between repeat visitors begging to read more and crickets...just crickets chirping. There’s no specific, secret formula for creating the best blog layout, but there are a number of elem...

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How to Use Photoshop Blending Modes in Web Design with CSS3 Mix-Blend-Mode

Few things bring more frustration to a web designer than creating a design in Photoshop and not being able to translate it to the web. If you’re like me, you probably find yourself using Photoshop blending modes on images and text to create stu...

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Free Screencast Software Built Right Into Mac OS X

I love creating video training tutorials for my clients. I find them to be very effective at demonstrating features or functionality quickly and effortlessly. If you own a Mac, did you know that you too can create these video without any additional s...

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How to Create Multiple Headers & Footers in WordPress

By default, the WordPress header and footer are typically the same on every page of the site. But what happens when you want to create a landing page with a simplified version of both the header and footer? Or when you want to construct a brand new h...

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10 Beautiful Examples of Websites Using Pantone’s Color of the Year

For the first time in it’s 16-year history, the 2016 Pantone Color of the Year is actually two colors – Rose Quarts and Serenity. The soft, pastel hues are a soothing compliment of each other and according to the color authority, “R...

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Quick Reference Guide for 2016 Social Media Image Sizes

Social media networks are changing all the time. Cover photos expand and shrink; profile photos adapt to various viewing devices. Here is a quick reference guide for the 2016 social media sizes and dimensions to help you properly brand your business' social media pages.

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