6 Free Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Your Website

There are millions of WordPress plugins for just about every function and need out there. But how do you know which ones are the best? I struggled with this question when I first started building WordPress websites. I wanted plugins that worked not o...

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5 (Free) Beautiful Mobile-Friendly Image Sliders

There is nothing new about website image sliders but the way you interact with them has changed dramatically. A typical image slider usually includes a few basic controls, automatic slide transitions and the ability to cycle through slides via a page...

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How to Design Websites for a Target Audience

When you’re writing a paper or article, it’s important to remember that you are writing to an audience. Whether it is a generalized group of people or a particular individual, you are always writing to someone or something. The same pract...

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How to Customize Your WordPress Login Screen

Attention all WordPress administrators! Today’s blog post is dedicated to you. If you’ve ever logged into your WordPress site before (and hopefully you have many times!) you’re presented with a page that looks like this: What ...

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5 Simple Ways to Update Your Website for 2014

Design trends on the web are constantly changing and evolving. Websites that were created just a few years ago quickly start to look dated compared to newer ones today. Making a few changes to the aesthetic of your site can make it feel modern and up...

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5 Best Wireframing Tools

I mentioned before that wireframing is one of the most important steps in creating a new website or mobile app design. However, finding the right tools to do that can sometimes be tricky. So I've put together a list of my favorite tools to help...

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5 Reasons Why Wireframing is Important in Web Design

You may have heard the term "wireframing" at some point in time when talking to a web company about a new design or redesign, but what is wireframing after all? Wireframing allows you to determine the information hierarchy of your design while making...

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Updating Your Logo For 2014

We recently published an article about Arby’s recent logo modifications and the revisions they went through to get to their new 2014 logo. As times change and styles evolve, logo alterations become a necessary step for businesses that want to s...

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What We Can Learn From Arby's Logo History

Re-branding can be an intimidating process for major businesses that have an established consumer base, especially when those changes involve updates to a company’s logo. Despite the risk of distancing loyal customers, many major companies...

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5 Best Websites for Design Inspiration

Like a lot of designers, I sometimes struggle to find inspiration for new projects. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools out there to help designers get inspired. Finding the right go-to site can sometime be a challenge, so I've put together a list ...

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