Why Upgrade Your Browser?

Why Update Your Browser?

Many internet users fear the thought of updating their browsers. One example of this is with Internet Explorer. With the sites we market, here at Web Ascender, Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) still controls at least 25% of the browser market, even though Internet Explorer 8 is set to be released in the near future. While a new browser can sometimes have a different look, upgrading only takes a few minutes and ensures you have the most updated tool in browsing the web. A new internet browser often means new features, updated technology, faster browsing, and a change in the look and feel of the browser (the user interface).

New Features

Most new browsers add new features that make browsing easy. With an upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), users add tabbed browsing and a search box in which you can select you’re a search engine of your preference. Tabbed browsing allows you to open multiple websites without the hassle of multiple windows.

Not only does it have a new user interface, but upgrading to Firefox 3 (FF3) will give you increased performance by freeing up resources that your computer uses and loading page scripts faster.

Updated Technology

Each time a web browser is updated, new technology is introduced to help read a page better. Browsers translate and read the code that developers (like here at Web Ascender) use to create websites. As technology advances, browser updates include the latest versions of code to ensure you view the page exactly how the designer and developer created it. Using old technology, such as IE6 and Firefox 2.0 (FF2), can block the user from viewing a website in its full capacity.

Security Features

Another benefit to upgrading your browser is to have the latest security features found in FF3 and IE7. Both browsers have phishing protection. This feature allows the browser to protect to you from sites that try to pry information from you in a fraudulent way. Phishing sites often look like a real site, but are an identical copy that desires to steal account information. Upgrading your browser will ensure you’re protected against these types of sites.

Faster Browsing

As mentioned before, a new browser usually means faster browsing. Browsers often include technology that helps it unpack the information it’s given faster, even though your internet connection is the same. One way browsers do this is through JavaScript performance. JavaScript is a form of code that helps manipulate an element on a page. FF3, for example, has been proven to load JavaScript much faster than IE6 or FF2, thus speeding up web browsing.

Look and Feel

This is the most noticeable change between browser upgrades. IE7 and FF3 both have upgraded user interfaces loaded with a search box with selectable search engine, simpler buttons, upgraded color schemes, and most importantly tabbed browser. Tabbed browsing allows the user to open many windows in one, without having many windows clutter their taskbar.

Update, Update, Update

While a new browser may take a few days to get a grip on the new features and user interface, browser updates will make your browsing faster, more reliable, and allows sites to appear exactly how the designer envisioned. Sticking with old browsers (IE6 & FF2) will deny you endless features that new technology offers. So take a few minutes out of your day and visit the links below to upgrade to the newest version of your browser.

Internet Explorer 7
Firefox 3
Safari 3

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