3 Effective Ways to Use the Facebook Live Feature For Your Business

Use the Facebook Live Feature For Your Business

If someone told you that by doing one thing on your Facebook page you would generate 1,200 percent more shares, would you try it? One thing? Not possible, you say? But it is - social video generates 1,200 percent more shares than images and text combined.

Video is nothing new for advertisers to use in a variety of different spaces, but lately the trend has steered to a more authentic and real-time form of video. A few years ago, Periscope and  YouTube were the kings of video until Facebook introduced their new offering - Facebook Live. With Facebook Live, the video is filmed in real time with real time interaction from their Facebook followers.

This approach is a much more “real” or organic form of video interaction that users crave with viewer reactions and comments being logged while the video is actually being recorded. Therefore, it becomes a two-way form of communication with brands and businesses being able to interact with their customers in real time and customers being able to interact with businesses that they love. Large and small businesses can take advantage of Facebook Live for their marketing purposes.

Below are three examples of how any business can capitalize Facebook Live:

1. Let your followers behind the curtain.

Although it seems ordinary and routine for you, users who love your brand or product will jump at the chance to see something behind-the-scenes. Maybe this is a tour of your space in some capacity that is typically off limits to the public. For example, a restaurant could give a tour of their kitchen or a manufacturing company could take you through product assembly from start to finish. Just keep in mind that the video should be longer than 10 minutes but shorter than 90 minutes.

2. Tips and tricks for your products.

Have a question that users keep wanting to know about your products? A tip that is difficult to put into words? Showcase the answers on Facebook Live where users can tune into to see how to better use a product they already love. Interaction is typically high on this type of video so make sure to let users know in advance when the video will take place and take questions as they come in during the video.

3. Livestream your events - big or small!

Let users in on being a part of your company by including them on your events in real time. This can be used in a wide range from hosted conferences to internal office celebrations. Buzzfeed is a great example of the wide range this type of live video can be used. From interviews with the President of the United states, to having followers judge their employee dance competition. Find the type of voice and presence that works best for your brand as well as ensuring you have a strong internet connection. Nobody likes a choppy or blurring video.

When your video is done, make sure to ask your viewers to subscribe at the end and then save and share your video on other social channels.

Let us know how your business has been reaping the benefits of Facebook Live in the comments below!

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