Optimize Your Facebook Page for Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search has a lot of potential in terms of allowing users to better find people and businesses that are relevant to them, but in order to make the most out of this as a business, optimizing your Facebook brand page is essential. According to Facebook, the best ways to ensure your brand page appears in search results include updating your profile information and attracting engaged followers. Based on these recommendations, we have come up with three ways you can improve your business’s appearance in Graph Search listings.

1. Update your “About” Content

Because Facebook content is highly time sensitive due to newsfeeds and timelines, you cannot always bank on your posts being relevant enough to get you noticed in Facebook’s search results. What does remain constant over time, however, is the content in the About section of your business page. Make sure that your About section is complete and up-to-date in terms of your business name, vanity URL, and general business description. Your About content is where you want to mention keywords and calls to action in order to improve visibility in Facebook Graph Search results.

2. Check Your Business Address for Accuracy

Because Graph Search is highly influenced by location, having an accurate address associated with your Facebook business page is essential to appearing on the results pages of searches that are relevant to potential followers and your business. Local search has been gaining a lot of momentum in recent years with Google and Bing as well as with Facebook, but one thing Graph Search offers that isn’t seen much elsewhere is the increased influence of others near your geographic location.

3. Post Regularly & Connect to Users

Updating and optimizing your Facebook Business page is just the beginning. Once you are happy with your updated business page, work on sharing engaging posts and interacting with your followers often. Facebook has indicated that Graph Search is influenced by how relevant your business is to the person searching in terms of how relevant your business is to that user’s friends. What this means is that in order for your business to rank well in the search results of potential customers and followers, you need to be engaging the friends of your potential customers and followers. Simply put, the more engaged fans your business page can claim, the bigger your reach will be in search results.

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