Think Insights with Google: Marketing Resources You Might Not Know About

By now it's pretty clear that Google has far surpassed the mere search engine that it once was. But with so many tools, it becomes hard to stay on top of everything Google offers. A few months ago, Google revamped its offerings for marketers and advertisers, adding some new resources while making others more publicly available and completely restructuring what already existed. Here is a list of five resources you can find within Think with Google.

Facts & Stats

Did you know? 57% of people talk more online than they do in real life; in 2011, the average shopper consulted 10.4 sources prior to purchase, twice as many as one year prior; and 88% of companies over 100 employees will use social media for marketing by the end of 2012.

The perfect statistic at just the right moment has the ability to make or break any pitch. But because resources across the internet are so vast, it’s often difficult to find the information that suits your situation best. Think Insights with Google offers a Facts & Stats section that organizes and visualizes all kinds of data for all sorts of circumstances. And whether you’re in need of a stat or not, it’s still worth checking out.

Google Trends

Have you ever wanted to examine keyword patters on more broad of a scale than is allowed by Google’s Keyword Tool? Google Trends is a great solution. It allows you to type any number of comma separated keywords into the search bar and see a graph comparing their popularity over time. You can also drill down your results by region, sub region, and time period. This tool works well for examining your branding efforts as well as your competition’s. It also offers great insights into keywords that are both rising and falling in popularity. Trends is only one of the many keyword tools that Google offers. For more keyword guidance check out the rest.

What Do You Love?

Ever heard of It’s a search tool that pulls from just about every resource that Google offers. You just type in a keyword, and Google spits out a user-friendly dashboard with everything from YouTube videos and books to maps and search trends, all on one page. It’s a good place to look if you want to know where your keywords and your brand are popping up across the web. It’s not overwhelmingly interactive, but it does provide an easy way to see differences between blogs, news sites, images, and many other forms of media.

Research Library

According to Google, their Research Library is “designed to arm marketers and agencies with knowledge and proof points to move their businesses forward.” It essentially provides an awful lot of free resources that highlight research and case studies as they relate to internet marketing. With breakdowns by industry, media platform, audience, and marketing objective, the research library allows you free, on-demand access to Google’s data on everything from the ways your audience shops to the best ways to measure your success.

Search Stories

Google Search Stories is a fun tool whether you use it for marketing or not. It allows you to create a story by submitting a list of search queries. You can search different media such as news, images, or maps. Google then takes a screenshot of each query, lets you set it to music, and uploads your story to YouTube. You could create a story about how someone might interact with your brand and then suggest that your customers submit their stories about what your brand means to them. There are also some pretty cool examples you might check out for inspiration.

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