What's New With the New Twitter?

Earlier this month, Twitter introduced Fly, its latest version. Fly includes a new web interface as well as updates to the Twitter mobile application and TweetDeck. So what’s changed?

The Layout

The new Twitter introduces a layout in which your Tweets are seen on the right-hand side of the page while navigation links are seen on the left. While this is a more traditional layout in terms of web standards, it’s not what Twitter users are used to. In addition, there is no longer a change in background color between the right and left columns, leaving no clear focal point in the eye of users.

New Twitter Layout

The Symbols

While Twitter may be known for its use of symbols such as @ and #, it has never made any steps to integrate them into its design – until now. The new Twitter features four tabs, all reliant on icons: Home, Connect, Discover, and Me. The Home tab, represented by the symbol of a house, is a typical feed of the Tweets of those you are following. The Connect tab, represented by the @ symbol, contains all of the interactions that other users have had with you, be it following, mentioning, or re-Tweeting. The Discover tab, represented by the # symbol, is a live stream of information that is customized to suit your current location, who you follow, and what is going on in the world at a given time. According to Twitter, the content this tab has to offer will only improve as you use Twitter more. Finally, the Me tab is where you can view and edit your own profile.

Brand Pages

In addition to the interface updates, the new Twitter also introduces new brand profiles. Allowing marketers to further personalize their pages, these new profiles feature space for a branded tagline as well as a bigger logo. They also include one free promoted Tweet that will appear at the top of the Tweet stream to allow for further branding and help to engage users.

Twitter Brand Pages

The new Twitter is available on mobile devices as well as on the desktop devices of users who have logged in using a mobile device. Within the next few weeks, the new Twitter will be available to all users. Brand pages will begin to become publicly available in the coming months.

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