Network Outage - Ouch!

Well we have been in IT long enough to know that technology will fail you when you need it most.  Last night we launched a new website and scheduled a newsletter announcement to automatically send out this morning.  Shortly before the newsletter was sent out our service provider had some issues and our IP block became inaccessible. Translation:  no one not even we can get to our server

We were on hold for quite some time and then all we received was a quick blurb “We know, we are experiencing a widespread network outage, and it is affecting many of our clients, we are working on it as fast as we can. “  Not much to say to that, we have been there.

Since we have been hanging around waiting for them to bring our server back online (so that you can enjoy the fun new sites we have launched recently) we decided to include this picture depicting how we feel:

But obviously I was able to post this to the website, so we are back up.

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