How To Make Web Videos

Here at Web Ascender we made all of our own online videos. We primarily have two types of videos we make:

  • Computer screen capture with voice over
  • Digital Video of a persor with voice over

Making the computer screen capture videos

We use a software product called Camtasia from techsmith to do our computer screen capture. Why we are going through the video demo we speak into a ‘Computer Associates’ brand microphone. Once the entire video is captured we export the entire video to WMV at its highest quality.

The WMV is then imported into Microsofts Movie Maker. We use Movie Maker to edit down the video, and add any additional sound tracks that are needed. From Movie Maker we produce/export the video to 320x240 WMV.

The final software product we use is Flash 8. Using Flash 8 we import the video, add a video player using Flash 8 to the video, and export it to an FLV and HTML embed file.

Making the Digital Video captures

Our video studio consists of a 3-point lighting system, drop cloth, a couple of retro chairs and a Sony DCR-TRV740 Hi8 with USB capability. We are currently using the onboard mic, we could definitly get better audio quality with an overhead or external mic. However, due to all of the compression for the web, most that quality would be lost.

After we do our video shoot we capture the video from the camera using Microsoft Movie Maker. We do all of our video editing in Movie Maker, including adding sound tracks overlays. Once the video is edited we export it to WMV, where we would then import it into Flash 8 and make our web ready video.

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