10 Effective Uses of Case Studies for Marketing Software Products

One of the best forms of advertising for your business is referrals from past and current customers. This can come in the form of testimonials, reviews, or personal conversations. A great way to facilitate these types of referrals and showcase them o...

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How to Create Forms That Capture Leads in WordPress

Did you know that the easiest way for a website visitor to interact with your organization directly is through your website contact forms? Website forms are crucial for generating leads and allowing visitors to contact your company instantly without ...

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Note Taking In The Digital Age - 3 Free Apps

Taking notes in the digital age is a process which is constantly evolving. Your tool choices are ever-expanding and the ways in which you can send, share, backup, format, and filter these documents are becoming easier with new software innovations. L...

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5 Ways to Effectively Design Business Cards

Believe it or not, having a business card is still relevant in the world today. While most people stay connected online in some form, that still doesn't replace the core purpose and need for a business card - to establish an initial connection with t...

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How to Connect your Google Plus Business Page with Google Maps

While there are a ton of steps in getting your business recognized on the internet, adding a local listing on Google Maps is not a step to be overlooked. Users can search for your business on Google Maps to look up directions, reviews and contact inf...

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6 Things to Blog About When You Don't Know What to Blog About

Hey! If you're reading this post, congrats! You know that blogging is important, and you're willing to invest the time to do it well. But understanding the importance of blogging is just the beginning. There is far more that goes into a blogging strategy that effectively attracts strangers to your website and converts those visitors into leads.

I recently did a blogging training with a client who was working to convince his staff that writing blog posts is something that they, as a team, all need to be doing. I was thrilled that he saw potential in the idea of blogging enough to bring his entire staff together for an afternoon to learn about it. But when you have that many people in a room, the inevitable question comes as to what happens when you run out of topics to blog about. So I let them in on a secret. And now I'm going to let you in on it, too.

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Marketing Strategies Small Businesses Can Learn From Amazon

Amazon is everywhere. It occupies the first half of most Google search results, it subtly reminds you of those tennis shoes you were looking at the other day while you’re on Facebook, and it emails you letting you know your favorite clothing br...

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Why Watching TV at Your Office is a Good Business Strategy

We've tried a lot of different tools and strategies for project management and internal communication, but one of the most effective things we've done is watch some TV. We mounted a TV in a common area of our office that displays a rotating dashboar...

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How to Edit Your Business Photos for Free With Fotor

Over the last couple weeks I've written 2 articles preaching the idea of taking your own photos for your business website and that you don’t need fancy equipment or a professional photographer to take your own business photos. The same is true ...

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Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps & Comparing Platforms

One of the joys and pains of being a software developer is choosing the right tools for the job.  Technology moves so fast, and everyday there are new frameworks and libraries being shared with the world to help you do your job better. Let's take a deeper dive into some frameworks that make developing cross platform mobile apps a little easier.

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