Using Friendly Maintenance Pages with Ruby on Rails

At some point in every Rails application's life, you'll need to perform some kind of maintenance or code update that will require taking your application offline for a short period of time. There are methods to achieve zero-downtime deployments, but sometimes it's just easier to take your application offline for 5 minutes during a deployment. Here's the benefits of taking your Ruby on Rails app offline during maintenance and how to do it quickly.

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10 Beautiful Examples of Websites Using Pantone’s Color of the Year

For the first time in it’s 16-year history, the 2016 Pantone Color of the Year is actually two colors – Rose Quarts and Serenity. The soft, pastel hues are a soothing compliment of each other and according to the color authority, “R...

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The Difference Between Internet Marketing & Inbound Marketing

You may hear a lot about internet marketing and inbound marketing but how are the different? We'll discuss in this blog.

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Quick Reference Guide for 2016 Social Media Image Sizes

Social media networks are changing all the time. Cover photos expand and shrink; profile photos adapt to various viewing devices. Here is a quick reference guide for the 2016 social media sizes and dimensions to help you properly brand your business' social media pages.

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Quick And Easy Wordpress Shortcode Tutorial

Quickly create your own custom WordPress shortcodes with these simple instructions.

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Tips for New & Aspiring Web Developers

Are you interested in becoming the next web developer extraordinaire? Getting started can be overwhelming. Here are easy step on how to get started...

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How to Determine the Best Mobile Navigation for Your Website

Finding a functional mobile navigation that works well on all devices is one of the toughest challenges in responsive web design. What works best on a desktop version of a website will definitely not be the best option for your website on a mobile de...

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3 Crucial Actions to Take With Your Website in 2016

Every company is at a different place with their website. Some organizations spend time each week working on new blog posts, writing e-books, crafting new content for their service pages and are in a constant state of improving their online marketing...

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Rails Search Gems: Searchkick vs Pg_Search

With a custom web application written in Ruby on Rails, search functionality gets more complicated because you typically don’t have a content management system that has already done the work for you. Depending on your website CMS, there are several, great search options with Rails, and I’ll highlight two key gems to utilize.

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Client Feature: Michigan Automobile Dealers Association

The Michigan Automobile Dealers Association (MADA) is a statewide non-profit trade association that represents the unique interests of the more than 650 franchised new-vehicle dealerships in the state. MADA works to protect their members from unfair ...

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