8 Design Techniques for Photos with Text Overlays

It’s not a secret that photographs provide a nice visual experience for people, and text helps convey the message you are trying to communicate. That is why the pattern of placing text on top of large photographs has been a prominent technique ...

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Wireframing the Digital Way With Pen and Paper

Prototyping or wireframing is an essential step in the creative process. We do it all the time to sketch out website concepts and mobile app screens to get a feel for how the user might move through the site or application. It’s the first ste...

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Setup iOS 8 Simulator on OS X

This post is a follow up to my previous Setup Android Lollipop Emulator on OS X post which covered the basics of setting up an Android emulator on your machine. Today, let’s take a look at setting up an iOS simulator on OS X. Download and...

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What is Google Tag Manager: Setting Up Google Analytics & Custom Tracking With GTM

What is Google Tag Manager? Google Tag Manager is a single code that can be placed on a website one time, ideally prior to the launch of your website, that will allow all of your tracking codes and scripts to be managed at any time from the external...

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Strategies for Implementing Remarketing Ads

Few people have an intricate understanding of the ins and outs of remarketing, but most are affected by it everyday in some way, often without realizing it. So what is it, anyway? Remarketing is an effective inbound marketing strategy which empl...

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How to Optimize PDFs for Search Engines and Users

HTML pages are not always better than PDFs. For example, if the main goal is for the user to print something or scroll through a brochure or catalog, PDFs can provide an admirable experience. However, posting an effective PDF to your website can be c...

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SVG 101: The Power of SVG

What is SVG? SVG, or Scalable Vector Graphics, is an XML-based language format supporting two-dimensional graphics. SVG images are comprised of vector-based shapes which are generated by mathematical equations. SVG is nothing new. In fact, SVG was ...

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Testing Rails 4 Apps With RSpec 3: Part II

In this two-part series, I cover testing a Rails application using RSpec and some other popular gems. If you missed Part 1, head over to Testing Rails 4 Apps With RSpec 3: Part I to get caught up first. In Part 2, with the setu...

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Client Feature: Cozy Pet Sitting

Cozy Pet Sitting is an experienced, professional in-home pet sitting company located in Macomb county and the surrounding areas. Cozy Pet Sitting focuses on the needs of their clients and their pets by offering a comfortable in-home pet sitting servi...

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How to Break Out of a Web Design Rut in 2015

You’ve been designing websites so long that sitting down at your desk and creating a mockup is cake. You open your 960 Grid, place the logo in the upper left-hand corner, add your navigation next to it, and place a full width photo just below t...

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